The $ZINGOT Marketplace

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You can find Market stats, and pieces, with searching functionality all in one.

The next stage of your DOJI/XCREWs salaries coming to use is here, the $ZINGOT Marketplace. Now you are able to use the $ZINGOT which your DOJI earns in order to mint and purchase pieces exclusively using the $ZINGOT coin. With this Marketplace you will be able to get exclusive pieces minted by James Ame, the QuantumTECH team, and special pieces from members of the community and other artists.

This is the first stage of the marketplace as a whole, and contains the backbones for the future developments within the $ZINGOT economy and wider $QM economy. As such the initial features available provide the initial required functionalities, with more planned and on the horizon.

The Marketplace

A record setting day in the $ZINGOT Marketplace.

The marketplace itself comprises the main floor for viewing the NFTs available on the $ZINGOT Marketplace contract to mint or to purchase. Within this page you can see if a piece is listed for sale, available to mint, or if it is sold out. Additionally you can get up to date infomormation about the interactions with the marketplace. From the number of pieces on it, the number of total collectors, how many pieces you can purchase, and the daily volume on the marketplace.

In this first iteration the marketplace is searchable by the artists which are able to create pieces in the marketplace and the tags which are contained within the metadata files associated with each of the pieces. Each piece that is available on the $ZINGOT Marketplace is one that comes from an approved artist that is whitelisted to create artworks on the marketplace, and include James Ame, Agent N, Specialist AL, and Trainee B.

While looking through the pieces in the main page, you also have the ability to mint/purchase a piece directly from the pages card. Allowing you the ability to mint pieces the second you see them during a stealth drop, or without needing to navigate to the pieces page itself.

The Pieces

The Page for the piece “Milko” by James Ame

Each piece as well has an individual page attached to it, allowing you to see several pieces of useful information beyond what the cards contain. Alongside information like price, the creator and description, you can also see the list of all owners of the piece. This list of owners additionally contains any of the pieces that are listed for sale, the time left in the sale, and the amount that they are listed for. Finally you can see all of the transaction history for a given piece on the NFT itself. Providing you an in depth, and easily digestible array of information about the piece and its availability those buying and selling.

Coming Soon

The $ZINGOT Marketplace is going to be in a state of constant updates and changes, but there are a few things on our docket we’ve announced which will be coming to provide an even more complete experience for users.

  • Alternative Listing Methods: One of the updates to come to the $ZINGOT Marketplace will be the addition of new listing methods for people who hold pieces within the $ZINGOT Marketplace. An example of this would be the introduction of Auctions, when it is integrated in users will have the ability to set auctions and then allow people to bid for specific pieces in $ZINGOT.
  • Streamlined Art Listing: Improvements are in the works to allow for better systems for users to list pieces in the $ZINGOT Marketplace. While not planned to allow just anyone to set items to listings on the Marketplace, we will be upgrading the system to more simply white label users to set listings live. This will allow for a quicker and more streamlined drop process, alongside additional changes to come.
  • Special Listings: The Marketplace will eventually have the ability to list external pieces within it. Initially with an aim of listing several QuantumTECH project NFTs for $ZINGOT, this upgrade will allow for the addition of brand new collections for sale and the potential ability to open things up further to allow you to list any NFT for $ZINGOT.



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