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Bukalapak Design Sabbatical Program

Bukalapak Design Team seeking sabbatical-goer for once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Indonesia!

Are you a senior UX designer or researcher thinking about taking a sabbatical, or just not sure yet how to spend your time? Well, we want you! The Design Team at Bukalapak in Jakarta, Indonesia is looking for designers/researchers who are looking to get out of their comfort zones and share their talent with one of the leading unicorns in Indonesia! Don’t worry, you’ll get a lot out of it too, we promise!

Need to hear more before committing? We understand! Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t pass this one up.

1. Contribute through a deliciously different type of experience!

Have you ever experienced what it was like serving millions of early-adopting but eager-to-learn e-commerce users in an always-warm climate? Well now here’s your chance!

Partner with us on actual projects during your sabbatical, focusing on real challenges that are unique to our business and market. These include: managing a team at a tech unicorn going through hyper-growth and change, competing in a hypercompetitive marketplace with quickly changing needs and priorities, getting close to our users who are gaining access to new technology that improves their lives at an ever-increasing pace, and have a direct impact on this change!

2. Teach those eager to learn!

Contributing to real, positive change through projects is just the beginning. What if we told you there are young Indonesians, fresh in the workforce, eager to learn from the best (that’s you, by the way!)? Well we’ve got them in droves, and you will be their teacher. Give back and pay it forward by mentoring junior designers and researchers throughout your time here. We take pride in the eagerness and inquisitiveness of our younger colleagues, and are certain you will be impressed by their willingness to learn and speed at which they grasp the new concepts you teach them.

Who knows, you may even make a few new friends!

3. You’ll be in a tropical paradise!

So volunteering closely with an exciting tech unicorn and being able to give back through mentoring got you most of the way there, but still need that little extra push? Well how about this:

You will be Indonesia, the center of Southeast Asia tech growth, a tropical paradise, and a great home base for exploring everything the region has to offer. Oh, and did we mention that the accommodations are covered by us? No excuses now. Want to relax at calm, serene beaches over the weekend at one of the many Indonesian islands? Yep, you can do that. Want to enjoy fresh bananas without going bananas? Where else but here!

Want to explore Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, or Vietnam? You can get to all of these easily from Jakarta.

A truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Ok sold! But how do I apply?

We’re glad you are excited; we are too!

In order to apply, first ensure you meet the following criteria: You are a UX Designer or UX Researcher have at least 5 years of experience (aka, are a senior level!) and have never worked in tech companies in emerging markets before.

Then, please send the following to yoel@bukalapak.com :

· A short paragraph explaining your reason for applying

· A short list of the types of projects you are interested in volunteering on (to make sure we have something for you; wouldn’t want you to be bored!)

· Your recent CV (portfolio is bonus!)

And that’s it! Duration for the program can be 3–6 months and there is no deadline when you can apply for this program.

About Bukalapak

Bukalapak is a technology company with “unicorn” status that was founded in January 2010 as an online e-commerce marketplace. Trusted by more than 70 million active users, more than 4 million merchants and more than 2 million mom-and-pop kiosks throughout Indonesia, Bukalapak focuses on creating various technological products, service platforms, and innovative programs for the mass market, aiming at broadening its positive digital impact and improving lives throughout Indonesia.



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