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7 tips to make your next move simpler, cheaper and greener

Moving is hard. Moving during the Texas summer is downright heroic. Here are 7 tips to make your next move simpler, cheaper and a little bit greener.

1. Take inventory

Moving gives us a great excuse to pare down and lighten up. Invite a friend who can help you sort through your things and decide what should make the cut. Remember to set aside a few t-shirts you never wear — they’ll come in handy later.

2. Give your stuff a second life

Before you throw away furniture or clothes, find out if you can donate them. There are lots of local charities that offer pick-ups, and some will even do it for free. Try Salvation Army or Goodwill. Neighborhood groups like NextDoor or Buy Nothing are also great resources for finding a new home for pre-loved furniture or other household items.

3. Break up with bubble wrap

Save money and try an alternative to single-use plastics and styrofoam peanuts by putting those unloved t-shirts to use. Tees, towels and used newspapers can work just as well as bubble wrap, and keep breakables safe and secure.

4. Think outside the (cardboard) box

Before you buy new boxes, you might be able to use what’s already in your home. Suitcases, shoe boxes and empty pots make great storage. And oven mitts are a surprisingly handy vehicle for kitchen knives.

When you do need boxes, call your local grocery and liquor stores first and see if you can pick some up. Wine boxes are handy for protecting heavy, fragile items. And you’ll look fancy.

5. Fuel for the move

As you get closer to moving day, takeout and food delivery will become more and more tantalizing. But before you tap that app, take a minute to excavate the frozen meals hiding in your freezer. What can you make out of what you have? And how good will it taste? Only one way to find out…

6. Take care of your accounts

Updating your accounts before you move will save precious time later. Take a moment to update the billing address on your credit cards and request mail forwarding with the USPS. Don’t forget to set up utilities at your new place so the lights and air conditioning work on moving day.

7. Get cheaper, greener energy

Bulb provides 100% green electricity that’s 100% Texan. In fact, we’re currently the best-rated electricity company in the state. Get a quote in just 2 minutes



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