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“Silicon Roundabout” — Old Street near the City of London. A lot of fintech startups are based here

A Cynic’s Guide To Fintech

Several business models that are bound to fail — and a few that might have a chance

Fintech business model #1. Reinventing past mistakes of the banking industry because you don’t know about adverse selection

Fintech business model #2. Thinking that a great big lump of transactions data is more valuable than it is

Fintech business model #3. Hoping that a load of people who actively mistrust each other will trust you instead

Fintech business model #4. Trying to use someone else’s network and only pay the marginal cost of doing so

Fintech business model #5. Assuming that the regulators will be more inclined to listen to your whining than to the incumbents’

Fintech business model #6. Giving customers a worse service for a lower price

Fintech business model #7. Getting your act together with respect to an industry standard where the industry has conspicuously failed to do so



A collection of finance and business writing by @alexisgoldstein, @delong, @dsquareddigest, @DuncanWeldon, @felixsalmon, @jamesykwak, @Mark__Buchanan, @WhelanKarl

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