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AMA With Step Hero’s CTO Lucifer Nguyen Recap

Yesterday we were honored to have an AMA with Lucifer Nguyen, the CTO of Step Hero, on BullPerks Official Chat on Telegram — and, let me tell you: the Real Bulls have been waiting for it eagerly!

Why, you ask?

StepHero is the mix that every crypto gamer has been waiting for: NFT gaming and Decentralized Finance that allows you to make money while having fun.

This is what the StepHero’s team promises:

  • A one-of-a-kind gaming experience
  • Stunning graphics
  • And make money while playing(the best part)

Here is what the man behind the curtains had to say about the project:

BullPerks Admin: Step Hero’s Founder, Lucifer Nguyen is here with us to answer your questions. So, without further ado, Let’s get this show on the road!

Lucifer Nguyen: Ask Me Anything, that’s the spirit!

BullPerks Admin: First question, can you please tell us about the project and why you created it?

Lucifer Nguyen: I’m glad to!

Basically, Step Hero is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem that comprises:

⚔️ Step Hero RPG Game — The lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on BSC and Polygon

🏪 HERO NFT Marketplace — A cross-chain high liquidity NFT Marketplace.

🎁 Step Hero Collectibles — Artworks made with the most high-quality graphic design.

We’re built on Binance Smart Chain & bridged over Polygon.

Lemme tell you more about our story ^^

Initially, we’re a game studio with more than 15 years of experience creating world-class games. Due to confidentiality agreements with our partners, we cannot disclose the specific games we have developed. However, some of them have achieved phenomenal successes in the global gaming market. 😉

Over the years, we’ve been thinking about how to bring more value to the players of our games. 🤔 We can now realize that goal — thanks to NFT technology.

By tokenizing our in-game characters and items into NFTs, we can now bring those items real-life value. Playing Step Hero brings you joy and money at the same time! 🥳

And that’s why Step Hero was created!

BullPerks Admin: Can you share with us who are the team members behind the project?

Lucifer Nguyen: Let’s have a look at our team board. We look cool, right? 😎

As I mentioned above, we have a solid starting point as a game studio. And the guy who is leading the game team is Krillin Tao, our Art & Game Director. A super cool guy, indeed!

To conquer the blockchain gaming market, we gathered blockchain industry professionals to form our A-team. We have Gabriel, Lilly, Stephen, and me.

BullPerks Admin: FIRST CLASS! Y’all rock!

How about your advisors and backers? How about your early investors? care to share!

Lucifer Nguyen: It’s time to shout out to our respected advisors

We’re backed by high-profile advisors who are experts in blockchain project consultancy, including Mr. Kamran Iqbal, COO & Co-Founder at BSC News, Mr. Thi Truong from PolkaFoundry, Mr. Thanh Dao, and Mr. Evan Luthra — the international crypto thought leader. Their invaluable experience has provided our team with critical strategic guidance.

Actually, we have hundreds of partners and supporting communities all over the world. Here is the list of our most significant partners:

IceTea Labs — Investor & Strategic partner

Mayor Capital — Investor & Strategic Partner

Dutch Crypto Investors (DCI) — Investor & Strategic partner

Oracles Investment Group (OIG) — Investor & Strategic partner

Avastar Capital — Investor & Strategic partner

Bull Perks — Investor & Strategic partner

BSC News — Investor & Communication partner

LaunchZone — IDO partner

RedKite — IDO partner

TAG Ventures — Strategic partner

Gourmet Galaxy — Strategic partner

TribeOne — Strategic Partner

NFT Starters — Strategic Partner

BSC Army — Communication partner

Such a long list. We appreciate them so much!

BullPerks Admin: Fantastic! This left me speechless! 🙌🙌🥳

Okay, so what are your short and long-term goals?

Lucifer Nguyen: In the short run, we have 4 main focuses:

  1. Fundraising & partnership development
  2. Game development
  3. Prepare for NFT release
  4. IDO

Let me update you guys more about our plans:

  • About our strategic partnerships — We’ve finished the seed round and nearly completed the private round with only a few token allocations left. And we will announce the total raised amount from both rounds on our official channels next week; the investors’ hype for Step Hero is beyond our initial expectations. 🤑
  • About Step Hero RPG Game — We have been working extremely hard to develop Step Hero for the past year. Step Hero promises to bring a novelistic gaming experience. We won’t let you down! We will launch the game in Q4 2021.
  • About HERO NFT Collectibles — Many members of the Step Hero community are eagerly awaiting Hero NFTs, and I have good news for you all. 🥳
    🎁 We will offer the first collection of NFTs immediately following the IDO event in August. HERO treasure chests containing NFTs will be available for sale on NFT marketplaces. 🍀 You may purchase chests and find NFT random goodies within. There’s gonna be so much fun! 🤑
  • And finally, About our IDO — We will officially IDO on LaunchZone’s LZPad and RedKite platform on August 15th, 2021. The whitelist registration for IDO on LaunchZone is opened. Check out the details 👉

BullPerks Admin: Exciting times ahead!! 🥳🥳Going be a big day!

Lucifer Nguyen: About our long-term goals — we want to become one of the leading NFT ecosystems in the blockchain space, and we aim at making Step Hero RPG the next Axie Infinity!

BullPerks Admin: OOOOO next Axie Infinity! Very interesting!!!

Who do you consider as your competitor in this space? What are your advantages? Special features?

Lucifer Nguyen: Actually, NFT P2E gaming is still an emerging market. There’s still a lot of space for growth, and we don’t need to directly compete for market share with other players.

However, it’s of importance to stand out in the market. And to stand out, we offer our users and players:

✅ A comprehensive NFT ecosystem including tokens, collectibles, NFT marketplace, and RPG games.

✅ Step Hero RPG: Addictive gameplay, eye-catching graphic design.

✅ HERO NFT Collectibles: Unique and valuable NFTs created with the most sophisticated graphic design; they can even be embedded in other digital artworks.

✅ HERO NFT Marketplace: Cross-chain NFT marketplace equipped with superior features such as NFT auctions and affiliate programs where you can earn in several ways.

BullPerks Admin: That is worth looking forward to! 🙌🙌🙌 It was a pleasure to have you, Lucifer!

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