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BullPerks Annual Summary: Achievements and Highlights for 2021

BullPerks founding year exceeds expectations with an all-time high ROI, a steadily increasing number of successful investment projects, and resounding endorsements from notable industry leaders.

By BullPerks

2021 has been a big year for cryptocurrency, and it’s only going to grow bigger in the new year. As the world leans further into the fantastic future of DeFi and crypto-based projects, BullPerks shot out of the gate in June of 2021 at full-speed, bursting into the market. After only six months on the market, BullPerks reached 95X of all-time high average returns on all the projects.

The impressive beginning of BullPerks decentralized VC and multichain launchpad is paving way for the soaring future of the cryptocurrency industry and all of the exciting innovation and profitable outcomes it is sure to create. Below are a few highlights and achievements that BullPerks is proud to showcase at the end of its first successful year.

By BullPerks

BullStarter Raises $9.36M

The BullPerks launchpad, BullStarter, hosts a wide range of vetted crypto-projects, filtered through the advisement of highly knowledgeable industry professionals, and launched into the market with solid foundational support brought by a team of experts who truly understand the VC and crypto worlds. With the high rate of success among crypto-projects backed by BullStarter, BullPerks was able to raise an impressive $9.36 USD on the launchpad, creating established success within the startup market.

GamesPad INO Sold Over $4.5 Million

The talented team behind BullPerks worked diligently to design and release a project that aimed to change the world of GameFi forever. Creating a first-of-its-kind holistic ecosystem, GamesPad launched with rave success, including a complete sell-out during its Initial NFT Offering (INO) for $4.5 million USD. This huge accomplishment is a direct reflection of BullPerks industry expertise and growth potential. GamesPad NFTs are expertly designed, high-value assets, that represent a tier-based system for investors, creating broad-spectrum accessibility for every type of buyer, a unique and game-changing investment structure.

95X of All-Time High ROI

In an effort to challenge and disrupt the world of traditional investing, BullPerks is decentralized, which means it aims to provide permissionless and transparent investing opportunities for the average person, making a fundamental shift in fundraising opportunities for both projects and investors. As a multichain launchpad, built on the Binance Smart Chain, BullPerks has been able to successfully launch decentralized projects with an all-time high return on investment (ROI). As of December 30 BullPerks has generated 95X of all-time high average returns on all the deals launched through BullStarter. An impressive feat for the first year of deals.

BullPerks Successful Deals

Within the first six months of operation, BullPerks signed an impressive quantity of successful deals. Their measure of success is determined by their generation of the highest return on investment. BullPerks used expert industry advice and tactics to ensure that each deal had every tool available to reach a high level of success. A few notable deals include:

Cryowar — 263X of ATH returns

Cryowar is an NFT-based PVP arena multiplayer game developed on Unreal Engine and based on the Solana network. A game set in the sci-fi medieval realm full of epic battles, and a war for more resources, territories, and total domination.

Highstreet — 112X of ATH returns

Highstreet is changing the shopping landscape, moving it closer to a fully immersive digital experience. Pushing away from conventional shopping models, Highstreet offers a unique and diverse marketplace that operates both on VR and Web that allows you to purchase the limited, hottest, as well as bargain deals worldwide.

Bloktopia — 1015X of ATH returns

The fast-growing project in the Virtual Reality space, Bloktopia is a decentralized Virtual Reality(VR) crypto skyscraper that operates in the Polygon Network. The Bloktopia metaverse can be bought as well as governed by the Bloktopians and will compromise the Real Estate BLOKs.

New BullStarter UI

BullPerks is leveling up with the release of BullStarter 2.0, an elevated and updated interface and user experience. Featuring a more convenient dashboard highlighting key information, with more accessible information and tools. BullStarter will allow users the ease and fluidity of discovering and tracking investments that promote expert-level comprehension and organization. An interface that is truly convenient, user-friendly, and productive.

Listings on big exchanges

The BullPerks token $BLP, has proudly been listed on all primary platforms including Listings on MEXC Global, Bitmart, and PancakeSwap. The tokenomics of $BLP consists of 300 million total tokens and showcases a 6-tier model for investors to participate in the investment of BullPerks. Every two months, the level and amount of tokens will be reviewed and potentially changed based on price increase, creating equitable opportunity for new investors.

BullPerks In The Media

The hum of chatter around the cryptocurrency industry regarding the amazing achievements of BullPerks in such a stark upward trajectory has garnered the intrigue of influential media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, IBTtimes, Benzinga, Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, BTC Manager, Coinquora, AMB Crypto, NewsBTC, BitcoinInsider. It is an honor to be mentioned in such important publications and be able to share information and cultivate community with BullPerks.


The first year of any new project can be tenuous, and hold many ups and downs due to a wide array of market factors and risks. BullPerks has continued to defy the odds month after month, propelling upward at light speeds and taking on new opportunities with thoughtful deliberation and expert tact. With only six months of operation in 2021 to cultivate success, BullPerks has gone above and beyond. It will truly be a delight for the world to see where BullPerks will go in the future, and 2022 is a good time for the future to blast off.

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