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BullPerks Founders Internal AMA Recap

BullPerks’ Founders held an internal AMA on Telegram. They provided updates about the latest developments on partnerships, BullStarter, and more.

From who else would one listen to the news first but from the Founders themselves? BullPerks founders set out to update the community on the behind-the-scenes of the last couple of weeks through an AMA session on BullPerks Telegram Chat.

During this AMA Session, Eran and Constantin went through:

  • Upcoming upgrades on BullStarter.
  • Plans for new deals are set to be launched on the launchpad.
  • Partnerships they’re working on.
  • Expansion of the team.

.. and much more.

If you missed the live session– worry not. Below, you can find the complete AMA recap!

BullPerks admin: Hello everyone and welcome to the BullPerks internal AMA session.

Let us welcome our co-Founders, Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan, who are here to give exciting updates and answer your questions later.

Constantin Kogan: Hi Everyone!

Eran Elhanani: Hi Everyone, thanks for being here with us.

It’s been a bit since the last AMA so we wanted to give a few updates, discuss the market and answer your questions. We have only 30 mins so let’s start.

As you’ve all seen market has been bearish for a while. Launchpads, in general, have suffered substantially and projects launching haven’t been performing well.

This is also why we haven’t launched too many projects during this time. Also, most projects that were scheduled to launch have been postponing their IDOs or their listings, creating some extra chaos and work for us and we totally understand the community’s concern and upset about it.

That being said, we can’t force projects to list immediately after IDO if market conditions are not good and we’re thinking both of them and of you guys that invested in them and we want you to get a higher return. So if they launch on a better date and performed better, it will be to your benefit.

Obviously during this market, while many took breaks, we have been developing and growing our team. We have built the claiming factory and the team is currently testing and fixing bugs. We hope to launch it within like a week after it is fully tested.

We have been working on some new partnerships and new marketing campaigns which we will kick once the market is better. We’re cautiously optimistic about April but have no guarantees, obviously.

We’re also working on expanding our user base and community as well as usage of the tokens and are in talks with some farms and other projects to do cross-marketing and staking. Again, we want to launch it once we feel it will be received best.

We have been sourcing tons of deals and been listening to the community and looking not just for games but also for infrastructure and protocols and interesting DeFi projects so hoping to start bringing some of those soon, too.

Constantin Kogan: We’ve also been actively hiring, so we’re glad to announce that our team now is over 40+ people. The main focus in any bearish market is on building and restructuring.

Eran Elhanani: We are still hiring many more so if you are anyone you know has talents that could be useful for us in regards to tech, marketing, operations, customer support and so, then please contact our HR team.

Constantin Kogan: You’ve probably noticed some great partnerships announcements as well. More to come. With this said, we are focusing to enlarge our network of sourcing agents and co-investment partners.

Eran Elhanani: Ok, so let’s open the chat to the community for questions, feedback, concerns and so. And we’ll try to do our best to answer.

Crypto Varrior(Community member): Hello Eran and Constantin, hope you are fine and doing great. I have a suggestion, a request.

The medium articles about projects don’t have any info about the pool such as price, vesting, etc. Almost all the competitors publish such information upfront as it helps people DYOR, but for Bullperks, we need to keep waiting till a day before the deal pool opens.

I understand that the allocation size etc. can change later so probably the team doesn’t include info in medium articles. But the info about price and vesting schedule remains almost always the same. Also that every other platform publishes such info many days before the deal. So I really think it will be useful for the community to have such info in advance. Thank you so much

Eran Elhanani — [In reply to Crypto Varrior]: Thanks for the feedback. We will be working on updating that with more such info.

Constantin Kogan: Let’s jump into a video chat to ask questions there!

Ram-Z(Community member): We all hope that the present downturn in the market is just a temporary blip, but BTC remains 2x its 2017 high and the cryptocurrency market has been known to suffer multi-year downturns. Does Bullperks have contingency plans in case we’re now in a bear market until the next BTC halving?

Eran Elhanani — [In reply to Ram-Z]: We’re trying many different routes and constantly looking for solutions and more use cases.

Constantin Kogan: You can send projects through this form https://bullperks.com/form/.

BullPerks admin: Thank you everyone for joining us today! Thank you Eran and Constantin for your answers and for sharing great news with us!



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