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BullPerks Introduces New IDO Regulations Aimed To Protect The Community

Effective from May 1, 2022, BullPerks introduces new policies to protect the community.

  1. BullPerks will not participate in project launches if there are more than 4–5 launchpads participating in the project public launch and will limit projects launching on our platform to around $1M in public raise unless there are exceptional reasons to justify a larger raise.
  2. BullPerks will review more carefully the project cap table to avoid known dumpers as well as MM’s and Exchanges in order to make sure the best results for the project.
  3. BullPerks will review carefully the project roadmap and budgeting both from development and marketing aspects and will make sure the plan is feasible and the project is dedicating enough funds for at least a 2 years runway.
  4. BullPerks will require a minimum amount of $400–500k to be added to the liquidity pool (proportional to the amount raised) and locked for at least 12 months. In case a project would choose to not respect this rule, BullPerks will have the right to keep the raised amount of tokens in stable coins in order to protect its community.
  5. BullPerks will require at max 1 month between the IDO and listing date (TGE). In cases where 1 month is exceeded, the community will be offered to participate in a poll to decide whether we should continue with the project or do a full refund.
  6. BullPerks will require projects to stay above the IDO price until at least 50% of tokens were distributed to the community from the public sale. This is mandatory for all projects in all market conditions. If a project falls below the IDO price before 50% is distributed and stays below the IDO price for at least a week, then it will be considered as a legit reason for a refund of all further distributions.
  7. Due to multiple issues where other launchpads got tokens prior to our community, we will enforce that all projects will verify the distribution times of all parties. Everyone will get the distributions at the same time or else they will suffer a substantial financial penalty or full refund or partial refund of all future distributions.
  8. BullPerks will require from projects full amounts of tokens before their launch. Unless the project has created a prior vesting contract with entire token amounts to be distributed on specific agreed dates which will be verified so it can’t be changed later.
  9. As a launchpad BullPerks will send the funds collected from the public IDO or VC deals only according to the vesting schedule. In other words, we will no longer release the funds at the TGE. BullPerks will hold raised amounts for refunds at a safe vault in case of rug pools or any other critical failure caused directly or indirectly by incompetent management of the company.
  10. BullPerks will review the project’s smart contract audits and verify there are no blacklisting or other restrictions in their token contract so it doesn’t hurt token distribution and the community.
  11. BullPerks will reserve the right to do a full or partial refund any time a malicious, bad faith practice or crucial technical issue occurs with a project whether it’s pre-launch, at launch, or after certain distributions but prior to full distribution.



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