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BullPerks Is Excited to Inform About an Upcoming VC Deal with DeFiHorse

BullPerks newest VC with DeFiHorse, an exciting blockchain NFT horse racing game, is set to launch on BullStarter shortly.

The end of 2021 proves to be more dynamic and vibrant for the crypto industry than any previous year. Seeing several record milestones and top-notch games based on blockchain technology and NFTs.

The DefiHorse project promises to become the next big name in the DeFi community due to its futuristic aesthetics, addicting gameplay, and affiliation with NFT horse racing games, all of which are among the most popular and promising trends today. Considering the exciting opportunities ahead, BullPerks is thrilled to announce an upcoming VC deal with DeFiHorse.

About DeFiHorse

DeFiHorse is a fusion of two emerging industry trends: NFT and video games. It is a blockchain-based horse racing simulator where users can earn DFH, the platform’s utility token, by fighting for their horse and contributing to the game’s ecosystem. The main goal of the project is to create a world in which users can play, share, trade, breed horses without relying on centralized authority, interact directly with the game, and also monetize the gameplay on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

The founders of DeFiHorse view the project as more than just a game, it’s a race that cannot be found anywhere else. And the team behind its creation has done everything possible to ensure that players will safely own copyrights while earning valuable NFTs. This ideology is where the inspiration to create DeFiHouse was born.

Source: DefiHorse

DeFiHorse unique features

  • Horseverse. DeFiHorse is comprised of a genuinely fantastic combination of various high-tech features, creating a “Horseverse” where the impossible becomes possible. Players will be able to own a race track and invite friends to join the game. Bonuses can periodically appear on the platform, of which participants will be able to purchase horses and hippodromes. DeFiHorse can also stream games to an online audience making the races even more thrilling and fascinating. In addition to horses, players can also buy various NFTs, own a racetrack, find accessories to decorate their horses, and more.
  • Digital Ecosystem. With such an overwhelming development in the industry, Play & Earn gameplay is more popular than ever. In DeFiHorse, players will be able to make money in various ways: horse breeding, horse racing, betting, NFT trading, and other lucrative activities. All of DeFiHorse’s mechanisms are diverse and thrilling, producing the potential for very attractive generated income.
  • Cyberpunk Style. As users immerse themselves into DeFiHorse, they will immediately love the spirit and mood of the game. The dark-edgy atmosphere plays off the contrasting bright neon effects, for an alluring aesthetic. The creators have successfully combined modern technology with the antiquity of ancient mythology. The highest quality graphics are enticing to all.
Source: DefiHorse

Why You Should Consider Investing In DeFiHorse

The gaming market will surely leave room for growth and innovation in the coming years, and DeFiHorse is a project that propels the industry in more than one avenue of exciting opportunities.

For decades, the horse racing industry has attracted millions of spectators and has accumulated billions of dollars of worth. With a game like DeFiHorse entering the industry, anyone who enjoys horse racing and riding in real life can do so in this fun virtual fantasy world. As a result, DeFiHorse is well-positioned to become the next hit project to spark a market-sharing craze, highlighting the propriety of the thriving horse racing sector and its future within the crypto-gaming industry.

DeFi Horse official links:

✅Website: https://defihorse.com

✅Telegram Global Community: https://t.me/DefiHorse_community

✅Telegram News: https://t.me/DefiHorse_news

✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/Defi_Horse

✅Discord: https://discord.com/invite/DefiHorse

✅Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DefiHorse/

✅Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/DefiHorse

✅Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@DefiHorse

✅Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1S7KQDbPjcQdYHwIjCAfg

About BullPerks

BullPerks is a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad dedicated to introducing the best-quality projects to its users. The company truly believes that its community should always receive trustworthy information about all deals. The BullPerks team of experts performs rigorous due diligence of all crypto startups to ensure the highest ROI and minimize investment risks for its users.

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✅ Website: https://bullperks.com

✅ Helpdesk: https://help.bullperks.com/

✅ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bullperks/

✅ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bullperks

✅ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BullPerks

✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bullperks

✅ Telegram Official Chat: @BullPerks_Official

✅ Telegram Channel: @BullPerksAnnouncements

DISCLAIMER: This material should not be construed as a basis for making investment decisions or as a recommendation to participate in investment transactions. Trading digital assets may involve significant risks and can result in the loss of invested capital. Therefore, you must ensure that you fully understand the risk involved, consider your level of experience, investment objectives, and seek independent financial advice if necessary.




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