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BullPerks Set To Launch Bloktopia Deal

BullPerks has come up with a deal as astonishing as a fast growing landscape in a Virtual Reality. Bloktopia — “The Home of Crypto” — is set to launch on Friday Aug 20th at 1 pm UTC.


Q. Does Bloktopia has an official token?

  • #PLAY — Bloktopia offers a Virtual Reality experience where you can socialize, play, have fun, compete, as well as make a generous income.
  • #EARN — As a Bloktopian, you will be able to generate revenue through multiple streams such as possessing real-estate in the platform, staking, as well as through advertisements.
  • #CREATE — You can create great content such as artworks, scenes, and challenges — among other concepts — through the simple Builder, and then have your shot for prizes in different events on the platform.



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