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How BullPerks Changed My Life

BullPerks announces the start of the new contest “How BullPerks Changed My Life”! Here is everything you need to know to participate.

Over the coming months, our team will be discovering various opportunities to involve our community in the future of BullPerks. Today, we are announcing the beginning of our efforts with the start of the “How BullPerks Changed My Life” contest.

BullPerks is going to create the documentary with real-life success stories of our community members. This is why we are organizing a contest and calling all Crypto Bulls to send your stories about how investing with BullPerks helped you change your life!

Some of BullPerks deals generated over 1,000X, allowing some of our community members to buy cars and even houses. The world wants to hear your success story NOW! Become the star of the BullPerks documentary video by entering this contest. Most stories will be featured in our video. 5 owners of the most impressive REAL-LIFE success stories will receive 100 BUSD.


We will reward the 5 most impressive stories with 100 BUSD!


  1. Keep in mind all stories must be TRUE. We will verify all of them.
  2. If you are submitting a video with your story, please keep in mind the following requirements for the video:
  • The duration of the video should be up to 2 minutes.
  • The size of the video should be up to 125 MB.
  • You can use your phone or video camera to make the video.
  1. Like, retweet adding a hashtag #BLP_Changed_MyLife, and refer 3 friends under this post: https://twitter.com/bullperks/status/1489987340047200264
  2. Tweet a post with the following text:

🤩 Decentralized VC & multichain #launchpad @bullperks, just launched an exciting contest #BLP_Changed_MyLife.

#BullPerks collects #success stories from its community!

I have one to share and I’m entering the contest. What about you?

Join it here👉 https://forms.gle/AR8xDXV1GdPZM2sV6

How to Apply

Record the video where you tell how investing with BullPerks changed your life and submit it Google Form: https://forms.gle/AR8xDXV1GdPZM2sV6


The deadline for submissions is March 9. Please make sure you have entered the contest timely. Stories submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. On March 10, 5 winners will receive an email from BullPerks notifying them about their win.

About BullPerks

BullPerks is a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad dedicated to introducing the best-quality projects to its users. The company truly believes that its community should always receive trustworthy information about all deals. The BullPerks team of experts performs rigorous due diligence of all crypto startups to ensure the highest ROI and minimize investment risks for its users.

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