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Monsta Infinite Set To Be Launched on BullPerks

BullPerks is thrilled to launch a highly promising DeFi gaming project on Tuesday Aug 31st, at 1 PM UTC.

The reasons why we are so thrilled to announce a partnership with Monsta Infinite are numerous; their aim to make a decent income possible for every gamer is just one of them.

Monsta Infinite is a decentralized game universe in which anyone can play — competitively or for fun — and earn tokens.

Let’s take a deeper look at what Monsta Infinite is all about, and why you don’t want to miss this deal on BullPerks!

What is Monsta Infinite All About?

Monsta Infinite is a DeFi gaming project that offers a combination of a turn-based card battle model with a match-three puzzle model, which makes for rare, competitive, and interesting gameplay.

The battle bonuses in the game are decided by calculating the difference in AGI and INT, which will set the turn for each Monsta. Some of the cards can make a difference to the battle course as they possess game-changing abilities — such as denying the opponent from making a move — which brings the dynamic of the game to a new level.

The whole idea of Monsta Infinite was born in February of this year when the team had decided to come up with the concept of forking a “more affordable version” of Axie Infinity.

As the team progressed in the creation and planning of their project, they came to realize numerous gaps in the world of NFT gaming — and they came up with Monsta Infinite!

Here is their vision in a nutshell:

  • Advance the bridge between blockchain technology and gaming
  • Turn blockchain into a fun and inspiring reality
  • Boost the realization of Universal Basic Income
  • Build a virtual world filled with art and an active community

Unique Features of Monsta Infinite

One of the main goals of Monsta Infinite is to make DeFi gaming easier to understand and access for everyone. Through gamification, they plan to push for a smoother and broader embracing of blockchain technology.

With a team and community that have lots of passion for gaming, they are determined to show the rest of the world why DeFi gaming cannot be overlooked but is the “promised land” for gamers.

Here are the features that make this gaming project stand out from the overcrowded competition:

  • Compete in PVP battles and win leaderboard rewards.
  • Cloan Monstas and sell them in the marketplace.
  • Collect and invest in rare Monstas like Inception and Legendary.
  • Invest in a land that you can use for virtual events in the open world.
  • Farm the in-game currency that is needed to clone Monsta; you can sell the same on exchanges.
  • The official token of Monsta Infinite is $MONI, and as a holder of the token, you will be eligible to stake and take part in the decision around the Monsta Infinite economic ecosystem.

Moreover, the platform is set to announce the “Inception Monsta”, which they describe as the
“passport to different experiences”. For example, as holder of Inception Monsta, you will have exclusive access to the Closed Beta version of the game.


Q. Does Monsta Infinite have an official token?

A. Yes, Monsta Infinite has an official token, and it’s known as $MONI.

Q. Who is Monsta Infinite partnering with?

A. The platform partners with BullPerks, Dutch Investors, and DLX eSports, among others. You can keep updated with their newest partnerships on their official website.

Q. Where can I buy $MONI tokens?

A. You can invest in a $MONI token by participating in the deal on BullPerks.

Why Invest in Monsta Infinite on BullPerks

Monsta Infinite makes the “play-to-earn” gamification model possible.

Traditionally, companies have been getting paid for delivering entertaining experiences; however, in the case of Monsta Infinite, the revenue generated from the game is distributed to the players, by rewarding them for their time and efforts in the game. The team behind Monsta Infinite is made of 11 members from Singapore and Malaysia who may not be very well-known to most of us, however, they possess unmatched talent and experience.

Additionally, they are known to be passionate about advancing the concept of Universal Basic Income. Monsta Infinite strives to create a decent ecosystem that allows every player to stake in as a shareholder and get rewarded, in turn.

Follow Monsta Infinite on social media:

✅ Website: https://monstainfinite.com/

✅ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monstainfinite

✅ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/monsta
✅ YouTube: Monsta Infinite

✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/monsta_infinite
✅ Telegram Channel: Monsta Infinite

About BullPerks

BullPerks is one of the fast-growing players in the crypto world. In an environment that is marred with uncertainty, the Bulls are here to not only keep the market up and floating, but also use their skills and power to maintain order in an otherwise un-orderly market.

BullPerks truly believes that the members of its community should be given information that is not only correct, but also transparent, and hence a panel of experts is associated with the platform which ensures that the conveyed information is tried and true.

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