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How to verify your military service online with ID.ME

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“When we realized some Veteran populations had no way to prove their identity online, we knew we had to design a solution that could grant members of those populations the access they needed without sacrificing security’”Blake Hall

The Department of Veteran Affairs recently announced the launch of Virtual In-Person Identity Proofing. ID.me provides the technology for the program. The new process allows all eligible users to access VA services and benefits at VA.gov regardless of circumstance.

I discovered this online tool when actually filing my initial VA claim through Ebenefits. What made this click initially was, after discovering VetForce last week doing research for my “Early Adopters” tool kits.

More and more veteran sites are using this sign in option to verify and grant immediated access. Did I mention the shopping discounts that come with it? Military Discount shopping online at it’s finest.

Online tools and resources like this will be a major focus on my podcast. Every veteran actually needs this now. As we push to connect over 1 million low-income veterans through “Internet Essentials” this tool is pivotal to bringing their “Value Proposition” to the digital space on LinkedIn.

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According to Global News Wire, This next-generation digital identity platform, recently announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent №10,142,338 entitled, “Systems And Methods For Online Third-party Authentication Of Credentials.”

This patent covers unique technology within ID.me ‘s digital identity platform that authenticates identity, and credential information online and securely transmits the authentication results to relying parties.

How it works

A single, unified login ensures members can easily access many of their online accounts without the burden of completing the login process at each website. Further, ID.me provides users with instant online verification of military service and proof of identification.

Watch this short video for a more detailed preview.

Major discounts with major retailers

ID.me’s technology is used by more than 7 million individuals and 200 organizations, including leading brands such as Fanatics, Under Armour, LinkedIn, Lenovo, Ford, and SeaWorld. For more information, visit www.ID.me.

Military discounts shape the online shopping habits of veterans and active duty service members, who go out of their way to find brands that acknowledge and reward service in the armed forces, according to the ID.me survey, that polled 6,377 military veterans and 2,013 active service members.

According to BusinessWire, The military community is an important customer segment — often overlooked by marketers. Encompassing active duty service members, reserves, veterans, spouses, and immediate families, they represent 47 million Americans and boast a whopping $1.4 trillion in purchasing power.

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In conclusion

As the digital world we live in continues to change, so must we veterans, and how we engage within it. This tool gives us the “no hassle access and verification” we need, and deserve.

The fact that it was founded by a veteran alone shows the sheer power of every one of your “Value Propositions” you bring from your service to this nation. Blake Hall took his VP, and ran with it.

What’s your value proposition you bring with your service? Dont know? The LinkedUp Podcast is just for you then. My focus is to help each of you transition your VP from service and apply it on LinkedIn.

Great tools and resources like these for transitioning veterans will be shared on our upcoming podcast. When you subscribe to my My LinkedUp Podcast “Early Adopter”email community, you will be one of the first to receive my most recent content and episodes when published.

For a limited time when you subscribe prior to launch April 29th, you will receive my FREE E-book on the direction I believe LinkedIn is heading in the next 24 months. After Micorosoft bought Linkedin for 26.2 billion in 2016 we are starting to see the offspiring of that marriage.

Get your copy now before it’s too late!

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Vetrans who read 2 develop a “Bullet Proof” state of mind in the GAME automatically decrease our suicide statistics as a result.

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