The Secret to Developing a Routine Nobody Tells You About

It’s Time to Get Personal About Your Habits.

What’s the one thing stopping you from creating a dependable, reliable and consistent daily routine?

Is it lack of motivation? Fear of failure or even success?

Or is it that you lack a cohesive set of organizational skills? That you can’t focus on a task for more than five minutes without flipping on to the next?

Would you be surprised if I told you it was none of that?

Well, you shouldn’t be. Because the only thing stopping you from creating a routine is yourself. It’s not your life, your kids, your responsibilities or not having enough time in a day. That might sound harsh, but it’s the truth.

The problem with most productivity systems and advice out there is so much of it doesn’t focus on YOU. Yes, you who’s reading this right now. You matter.

And the advice you’re reading, well, most of it only pertains to the person writing it.

The Problem With “Getting Motivated”

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, you can go on Medium and read tons of posts on how to format your morning and make it work for you. You can read Outliers and look at how much time Bill Gates spent in the computer labs before personal computers were a thing.

You can even read about the 10,000 hour rule, too, until you get discouraged about how much work you still need to put in to reach your biggest goal.

The problem is so much of this advice is all bunk.

Sure, Bill Gates did these things and if he didn’t do them he wouldn’t be where is now. Yet it’s way past the time for any of us to capitalize on the trend of personal computers because all of that’s passed.

In the same way, when you read about how this or that person reads and meditates every morning, that’s great, but does it really mean anything to you?

What Type of Ritual Do You Want to Create for Yourself?

Do you want to exercise more? Read more books? Or become a better writer by practicing on your craft? That’s great, and you can certainly adopt the ways and processes of others to do so (and rituals are a great way to achieve more).

If you’re a writer, for example, the most consistent thing you can do to become better is to actually write (not just read what others have written).

But what’s the best way to write, you ask.

The truth is, there is none.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to write at 8 AM every day of your life. You don’t have to keep a journal or write exclusively in the mornings or read like your life depends on it or wait in heavy anticipation for your muse.

You just have to do one thing: write.

Just make sure you’re doing it for YOU.

Focus on the Long Road Ahead

When it comes to building a ritual that works for you, you need to keep it personalized.

For instance, I write whenever I can sit down for 25 minutes and focus. I don’t need productivity timers and special socks and sweaters to do so. I just need fingers to type, my laptop and a quiet space to engage with my mind (sometimes even a louder space will do). That’s it.

Sometimes we forget about the simple ways to do things. If we want to exercise, we think we need to go the gym because that’s what others do (even though this adds a bunch of other obstacles to our main goal in the process). If we need to cook, we make sure we have a bunch of recipes beforehand. And if we want to meditate, we slice out time in our crowded mornings to do so.

Even though we all carry the ability to fully commit to making progress on our goals, we forget about the actions that really matter on the road to doing.

Yet it’s that point in the essence of doing where all the progress in the world has ever been made.

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