Using vision mapping and journaling for coaching.

I’ll tell you how to win as a Coach when nothing else is working.

Coaching is great unless it is just not working. You’ve tried it all. Total disconnect right? I’ve been there both as the coach and the coachee. Here is one of my secret weapons of how I win as a Coach against all of the odds. Statistics vary, but it is reported that a person has a 50%-90% higher chance of accomplishing their goals if they write it down.

Setting The Stage for Success 🤝

Don’t worry, relax and take a deep breath. You are on the edge of a breakthrough. Trust me, this works. It’s your secret weapon to help someone get right where they need to be on their professional journey. Have a conversation and set a comfortable safe tone for growth.

My morning wake-up chat after writing this blog.

Taking a Deep Looker with Journaling 📓

Ask your coachee to start writing in a journal throughout their day. In this journal ask them to include any thoughts, feelings, moods, and challenges. Encourage them to make their journal a professional outlet. Tried something and it worked, write it down. If it did not work, write it down. What did your customers say to you today? What was your most challenging call? Tell your coachee all of this to get their train of thought going in the right direction.

Arm Your Coachee with Post-it Notes 📌

Let the coachee know that when you identify something you could do better next time post-it. Ask them to save the post-it notes and bring them to your next meeting. You can post them up and explore the vision board together and discuss in detail and solve for it.

Read The Journal Together 🔎

Explore the contents of the journal together and you’ll instantly have a better real-time view into the mind of your coachee. You’ll have a better mental picture than ever of where you need to focus. Problems and solutions will become more clear. Make the journal hand-written if at all possible. Make it clear that grammar, spelling and all of that doesn’t matter at all.

It really works in so many ways. Apply it to coaching and it is 🔥.

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