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What Drives Me To Write?

I would dare say it’s an inner force that I can’t ignore.

“selective focus photography of three books beside opened notebook” by Mikhail Pavstyuk on Unsplash

That is a loaded question, if ever there was one.

Perhaps I’ll start at the beginning. Before I could even read.

I remember as a very young child, feeling that books were magical. Almost as if there was some secret code that desperately called to be deciphered. I would look at the pictures and try to imagine what the words were telling me.

When I did learn to read, I felt that I had the world at my finger tips. I was hooked. The written word can transport you to different worlds. It can help you feel free from whatever you’re dealing with in that given moment.

I would read whatever I could get my hands on. I could even read the same book over and over again. Books became a theater in my head.

From reading, my love of writing was born.

Have I always written? More like dabbled for years. At times, I just wrote my angst in my journal. I have some journals dating back to the early 90’s.

I knew at some point,I hoped to get published. Though it was a feat tantamount to climbing Mount Everest at that time.

First I didn’t have a computer, let alone internet. Those two factors were huge obstacles at the time.

Now? I feel ready to tackle this challenge. However, I look at it much the way I do of life: As a journey, not a mere destination.

I experimented with poetry. A lot. Some poems were good, while others were…terrible.

But, it was my medium of self expression, and it still is. I’ve come a long way from that morose, teenager…

Now I’m a morose old hag! Just kidding, about the old hag part anyway. For the most part.

There were times that I would let people read my work, although I had a much thinner skin back then. What people thought, I took as the ultimate endgame, not just an opinion.

Many people, even those closest to us, tend not to understand this compulsion or inner drive to write. Like it’s a fanciful daydream. Or they liken to a long fruitless endeavor.

Are you going to let them have the final say in your quest?

Perhaps they could be right. Or maybe they wanted the same dream,but someone told them “ To get real”.

In my humble opinion, I don’t see how it can hurt anyone. Bar any hate speech or harmful propaganda of course. But that goes without saying.

Valerie Sizelove likens writing to feeding your soul. I couldn’t agree more!

When did you first get the writing bug?