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Still With You and Your Eyes Tell: a Glimpse of Jung Kook’s Heart

“I want to make my emotions into a story and hear it in sound.”
— Jung Kook, Wings concept book interview

Image Credit: BigHit Entertainment

Still With You is a track released by Jung Kook as part of BTS’ Festa this year. While Your Eyes Tell is a track from BTS’ latest Japanese album, which is also anticipated as an OST of a Japanese movie with the same title — Your Eyes Tell that is a remake of the Korean movie “Always”. Both songs are co-written by Jung Kook.

The quality to songs written by Jung Kook is that they contain a deeply personal edge. Begin, Euphoria, Decalcomania, My Time, Still With You and Your Eyes Tell speaks to us on a personal level. Besides from me relating to the song. Its Jung Kook talking to me about what he felt at the time of writing the lyrics. He weaves throughout his songs a unique style of story-telling which comes alive with the magic touch of music. Each song is genuine and special.

When I first heard Still With You, it reminded me of what he said during Festa 2018 about happiness.

“If you’re not mad or sad, you won’t know when you are happy.”
— Jung Kook, FESTA 2018

Jung Kook is introspective, thoughtful and very hopeful which is reflected in the music he makes. Still With You is built on a lonely tone, but at the end of the song, it has this redeeming factor that captivates you with these hopeful lines.

“When I meet you again..”
“Knowing that the morning would come sometime..”

It doesn’t have a tragic ending but a beginning of a hopeful journey towards meeting someone again you hoped for a long time. This meeting came in Your Eyes Tell. In a sense, these two songs can sit together and form a story of finding someone, losing them, and having them again.

Still With You reminds me of a rainy day, sipping on my hot coffee thinking about all the questions floating in my mind that I have yet to find the answers to. Or the things I plan to do when I meet “you”. It’s building up the story of waiting to meet someone again and missing that someone in the process of waiting.

“I will run to you on my wet feet
Hold me then”

“I’ll look into your eyes and tell you
“I’ve missed you”

— Still With You

While Your Eyes Tell is where you have finally met the person and lost them once again, but finally figured it out — that you would do whatever it takes to protect those eyes that you have longed for and saved you. It’s probably not the culmination, but its where the realization lies. The thought you built during the process of waiting, this is where you get to put them in action. That for you to get there, you have to decide to put your effort onto it.

“But I still want to hold onto it, wherever you are
I’ll find you and walk into the next day with you”

“I will do everything I can
Hide those unachievable dreams inside my heart”

— Your Eyes Tell

Remember when Jung Kook said this…

“Whenever ARMYs miss us, you can come to us. If you have to go, it is okay for you to leave us. But always remember this. I will always be here.”

— Jung Kook, Dispatch Photo shoot in Spring 2018

Still With You carries the same sentiment with “your faint voice that brushes past me, please call my name just one more time”. The authenticity of his words has stayed through the years. And I could not bear to think all the “I should have beens” he probably thought of. His love for his craft, ARMYs and his hyungs are undeniable. And his music never fails to show what is in his heart.

Your Eyes Tell is a song that probably tells you that no matter what the chaos or uncertainty your gaze brings, that one person will look after those eyes as if his life betted on it. Someone will always find your gaze even if you look the other way. Remember when you say something, and you want to prove you’re telling the truth? You’d say “look into my eyes” — to trust someone, to believe someone, to love someone are the emotions our eyes say more than we ever could with words.

Both songs discussed light in the darkness and there is one thing that keeps popping in my mind, BTS’ Mikrokosmos stage. How the lights are turned off and only the ARMY Bombs can be seen. That even the darkness is beautiful because we are each other’s light.

Image Credit: BangtanTV

Still With You painted a scene that whatever happens he will be there, I’m going to walk on this path with you. How he wanted to stay like a star in our sky because we may have looked lonely. It’s an assurance that he’s going to be here, still with you.

“I will walk towards you, one step at a time
still with you”

— Still With You

Both Still With You and Your Eyes Tell talk of walking towards someone. BTS walked towards us, ARMY, first. Since then we have run to them, just like they run to us.

There are evident struggles both BTS and ARMYs have encountered these past years. But I think that’s what makes it successful and beautiful — we choose each other all the time. The heights are only as high as we can climb, and we both choose to climb it together.

Image Credit: MMA 2019

Whatever is waiting for me in the future
Look far into the distance
The place you gave me is still
Where my heart entrusts

— Your Eyes Tell

The songs reflect Jung Kook’s perception of love and life. How he might value genuineness and effort. That life is made of consistent efforts and authenticity, that even if the outcomes aren’t what we hoped for at least we have done our best.

“I want you to believe me
Only looking straight at you
Not going anywhere”

— Your Eyes Tell

I think that’s why these songs and any other BTS songs are loved by ARMYs and even the general public. They are like shoulders you’d lean on to. Jung Kook has put a piece of his self into each of his songs to provide comfort. It’s like a calming voice when you’re having an emotional torment saying, “Hey, look at me… look at my eyes. I’m here. Don’t worry, I’m here. You’ll be fine soon. I’m here with you.” That feeling of belonging and how someone sees you through the dark is very uplifting; that’s what Jung Kook gives with these songs. Jung Kook chooses ARMY, time and again, just like ARMY chooses Jung Kook. We will always run towards each other with open arms. That’s why hearing his songs, felt like knowing his heart — they felt like confessions of what he truly felt. The abundant love and joy.



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