5 best Westworld fan theories

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Since the commencement of Westworld, viewers have been on their edge owing to the mysteries each episode unfolds.

Who are the hosts? Are there multiple timelines in the story? Where exactly is Westworld?

There are multiple fan theories around it, here are some of them:

1. The Man in Black is William

According to theory, the Man in Black is none other but William, seen at different stages of his life, which is 30 years apart.


2. Arnold is still ‘Alive’

Bernard suggests that Arnold’s aberrant code has somehow resurfaced, the reason for the glitches in the hosts, and hence the latter is not dead but is hiding in the park.


3. The maze is not real

What if the maze is a mental quest embedded by Arnold inside the consciousness of the host?


4. Westworld exists on another planet

The Delos facility that houses the park and the decompression chamber, are made in a huge area, which wouldn’t be possible on Earth, thus indicating that it might be on a whole another planet.


5. The Androids are based on real people

Considering that the androids are made on the basis of humans, the reason could be create a form of immortality, which is also the prize at the end of the maze game.


Ready, set.. Start binging Westworld!

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