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Pro Choice Isn’t A Choice, It’s A Right

Photo credit: Ai Wei Wei / Wikimedia Commons

To all the religious zealots, to all the hard-core pro life enthusiasts — I have things to say. Most of you don’t know. You think. That’s the sad, and most horrifying truth regarding your stance on abortion. But it’s about knowing. And then deciding. Sadly.

Like me, most of you never had to consider abortion. This is the position you’re operating from. This is why your opinion doesn’t matter. Yeah, don’t get worked up. Listen.

Yes, I’m pro choice. And like it or not guys, that choice is hers. Still, I have no fucking idea how I would behave if I had to legitimately consider abortion. I’d likely cry over our fate, my mind would race twice round the Earth and back, I’d curse all the deities humanity ever had, cry some more, not eat, vomit, exhaust every possible outcome and… hope that my convictions would hold. And as a man, it still wouldn’t be my choice to make. I hope to God to never ever have to face this reality. The same holds true for you.

Deep down, you know this.

And yet here you are thinking: “I only ever considered abortion as a concept but in reality I have no idea what couples/individuals facing that decision are going through. Yet I feel I should be able to dictate what women do with their bodies.” You feel? What about how a person actually facing a life altering decision feels?

Whatever your beliefs are — this is the truth. YOU are free to live with the consequences of YOUR actions. You won’t have to live through other people’s choices and consequences, so you don’t get the right to make those decisions for them. God? Fine, let’s go there.

Being a believer doesn’t make you God. Works in mysterious ways, so they say. In fact, if you think it’s your place to judge, you might wanna check whatever form of religious tome you got collecting dust. And whatever the choice ends up being, odds are that an all knowing, all powerful creator understands. And if she/it/he doesn’t? If we’re dealing in absolutes? Well, we’re all fucked. There’s not many Mother Theresas out there.

Let’s theorize a bit, too. Are you prepared to dish out monthly donations if, because of a law you voted on, a disabled child you have absolutely zero ties to is born and your government does next to nothing to support the family or the mental and physical development of that child? Nah, you’re not into that charity thing. It’s ok, I’d pass it as law so hypocrites like you at least feel it financially. Hey, you voted on it. Now pay up.

But even if you completely miss the “As a believer I should believe that I know jack shit about what God is thinking” train, how does dispensing your perception of “God’s justice” make you feel? You think St. Peter’s already polishing your custom key? Maybe you really are that arrogant. That just makes your motives (and you) very smite-able.

Look, the likelihood of the Almighty choosing your distinctly average ass to be their crusader on this Earth are fairly slim. So please, please don’t try to save me from eternal damnation. As a metalhead, I’m already toast. But, given the choice between, say, dubstep and metal, I’m pretty sure the good Lord headbangs. No no, blasphemy is what you’re doing.

Being able to choose what we do with our bodies is perhaps the most fundamental human right. If you are denied this, you cannot consider yourself free. This is why choice matters, this is why you are WRONG.



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