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Bear Hunt Live for all Citizens

Bullieverse’s first 3D NFT game — Bear Hunt is Live for all citizens with 1 or more NFTs on supporting Windows and Mac Devices. We have put down a comprehensive guide in terms of FAQs for ease of our community.

Keep Killing!

Bear Hunt FAQs

Q> How to download and play the game?

  • Go to www.app.bullieverse.com (or click on Enter Metaverse button on Bullieverse.com).
  • Connect your wallet, and create your login credentials for the game with your email.
  • A One Time Password (OTP) is sent to your email address for verification. Use that to verify yourself.
  • Go to the Gamestore and download the game for your OS. You will be able to download the game only if you have at least one Bull NFT in your wallet.
  • If you do not get the download option, make sure the wallet you connected has a Bull NFT. Bull NFTs can be purchased here -> https://opensea.io/collection/citizens-of-bulliever-island

Q> Will I be able to claim Bear NFTs?

  • No, this is just the beginning of the Hunt. Winners of the Grand Finale will be able to claim Bear NFTs. The Grand Finale is due to be released in May 2022. Watch this space..

Q> Which devices are compatible with BearHunt?

  • Windows: The game is compatible with devices running Windows 10 and above, with a minimum requirement of 2GB Ram and 5 GB Storage.
    Mac: The game is compatible with the 2019 Intel chip as well as 2020+ M1 variants.
  • The player can also tweak their settings to get better performance from their devices.

Q> I get the error below as a Mac user. How do I resolve it?

Steps as detailed below.

Q> How do I reach support?

  • We have a dedicated Discord channel that will help you troubleshoot your problems at the earliest. You can join the channel here: https://discord.gg/rtavhT3V8T

Q> Where can I send feedback?

  • Our Discord community is active 24/7 with great feedback and discussions taking place throughout the day. Take part in the Bull Herd here: https://discord.gg/rtavhT3V8

Q> I am getting a ‘missing files’ error, what should I do?

  • Please make sure that you have fully unzipped/extracted the file to a folder in order for it to be playable.

Q> Are there any limits on how many times I can play?

  • There are no limits in this release.

Q> Are there any rewards for playing now?

  • Everyone completing all the levels will get a new Weapon NFT airdropped on the 16th of April which can be used in the Season 1 Competition and the Bear Hunt Grand Finale in May.

Q> Can I play with any of my Bull 3D models in the game?

  • Right now it is limited to the first 100 Bull NFTs in your wallet.

Q> What are the changes expected in the next release?

  • Clothes, New Animations and More Weapons!

Q> Is this it?

  • Definitely NOT! This is your chance to get prepared for the BearHunt Season-1 Competition launching in 2 weeks and the Grand finale — boss battle! A lot of exciting stuff is lined up in the Bullieverse Pipeline.



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