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How To Claim Your $BULL Tokens


Dear Bullievers,
We are arriving at our TGE in less than 24 hrs, and our Team at Bullieverse HQ is thrilled how far we have come. We are proud to get support from more than 170k+ community members and it's time for you to claim your $BULL tokens at TGE tomorrow.

Before we dive deep into the process of How to Claim $BULL tokens, we would like to remind you that you have an amazing staking opportunity to stake your locked tokens even without claiming them to take part in additional promotional campaigns prepared for you by the Bullieverse team.

Staking URL - https://token.bullieverse.com/Live Staking Pools for Vesting Tokens:1. Private Sale Participants from SeediFy, Trustpad, Kaizen Finance, MetaversePad can stake $PvtBull tokens.

$PvtBULL Add - 0x721fA494a4bE7c74dFF7542755D14F691C4E3C82

2. Public Sale Participants from GameFi, Red Kite, SeediFy, Bullieverse can stake $PBull tokens.

$PBULL Add - 0xd3b8bc1e958f5a3a4938eee8313a7d9d72b091a6

3. Retroactive Rewards for early NFT supporters can Stake rewards in $RBULL tokens 

$RBULL Add - 0xe59929ebDEeEd3718485F2876489D8BE37718954

$BULL Smart Contract - 0x9f95e17b2668afe01f8fbd157068b0a4405cc08d

Guide to claim Locked Tokens:

Since all of you received locked $BULL tokens in your wallets during the past offerings, our team designed a dedicated guide explaining how to unlock locked tokens and claim $BULL tokens.

So, in the first part of this guide, we’ll run through the claims, and in the second part, we’ll take a look at the instructions on how to stake BULL.

How to Claim BULL

1. On the Token Generation Event (TGE) on 9th March 2022, at 13:15 UTC, go to the https://token.bullieverse.com/ website.

2. On the website, click the Connect Wallet button.

Connecting a wallet

3. In the Connect wallet window, choose how you want to connect your wallet: with MetaMask or with the WalletConnect protocol.

Selecting the way of connect

NOTE. Please, make sure you have changed your default network to Polygon in your wallet when connecting it.

Once you connect your wallet, you can start claiming tokens.

IMPORTANT. Before claiming, make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to make a claim (to pay a transaction fee., approx. ~ $1-worth in MATIC.)

4. Click the Unlock button.

NOTE. You can only unlock the amount of BULL tokens defined by the vesting schedule of the sale round you were participating in. The amount of available tokens to claim is specified on the [Claim] button.

Claiming BULL tokens from IDO round (pBULL)

5. To approve the operation, click the Unlock button.

6. Confirm the unlock of BULL tokens

7. Confirm the operation in your wallet.

8. Wait for the transaction to be completed. You can press the “See Transaction” button to check the transaction progress in the blockchain.

and then click the Close button.

9. Congratulations! You’ve just claimed your BULL tokens!

$BULL Kucoin Listing:

Bullieverse has confirmed the World Premier listing on Kucoin at 1 PM UTC, 9th March (tomorrow).

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About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse developed for the community of players and creators. It is built for the Web 3.0 citizen to have an immersive environment. As a result, gamers enjoy an out-of-the-world experience combined with a transparent and fair monetization mechanism that underpins our play-and-earn economy. Furthermore, it is powered by an easy-to-build ‘low code’ platform for community members creating and publishing games. The result is a content-rich gaming platform, where users come to both Play2Earn and Create2Earn, but more importantly, to experience it.

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