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Partner Spotlight: Rainmaker Games joins Bullieverse as Strategic Partner & Investor

A new day, a new feat! Bullieverse is proud to announce our new strategic partnerRainmaker Games.

Rainmaker Games has officially boarded the Bullieverse train as our strategic partner and investor to bring the World’s first 3D (Unreal Engine) NFT gaming experience to the Web 3.0 Gaming Community!

Rainmaker Games serves more than 160k avid gamers and beginners to experience the out-of-the-world, Free-to-Play, and Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. With both parties dedicated to delivering the next-level gaming experience to users, this strategic partnership stands as a testament to the tremendous growth of the P2E industry, still moving and spreading at high speed.

Bullieverse’s Bear Hunt Game will be one of the first games that their community of 160k+ members will be joining, enabling Bullieverse to have a fantastic list of users waiting to play on the Rainmaker’s Platform.

About Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games is the free global platform to play hundreds of P2E games — connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide. Their mission is to build a platform that brings the ecosystem of gamers, games, and guilds together in a way like never before.

Telegram | Announcement | Twitter | Discord | Facebook | Medium | LinkedIn | Website

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse developed for the community of players and creators. It is built for the Web 3.0 citizen to have an immersive environment. As a result, gamers enjoy an out-of-the-world experience combined with a transparent and fair monetization mechanism that underpins our play-and-earn economy. Furthermore, it is powered by an easy-to-build ‘low code’ platform for community members creating and publishing games. The result is a content-rich gaming platform, where users come to both Play2Earn and Create2Earn, but more importantly, to experience it.

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