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Gear up for the Exclusive Quad Bike NFT Drop!

Bullieverse is airdropping some of the coolest and rarest Quad Bike NFTs for our community. What is a Quad Bike NFT? How can you get one? We have all these queries answered here. Read through this guide to learn everything about this exclusive Airdrop for a more bullish ride on the Bullieverse island!

Snapshot: 02nd May 2022 (1 per each wallet holding NFTs or those staking more then 10K $Bull tokens)

Airdrop: 04th May 2022

Quad Bike NFTs are your ride in the Bullieverse Metaverse. These NFTs will also help you in the upcoming games in the Bullieverse ecosystem that we are giving away to appreciate the love, support, and trust our Bullievers — Bull NFT and $BULL holders — put in our open metaverse.

Please Note: The final number of NFTs will soon be announced. One NFT will be dropped per wallet eligible under the Quad Bike NFT Drop Program based on different rarities, randomly generated and distributed using Chainlink VRF for a fair distribution.

So, Who will Get These Exclusive Quad Bike NFTs?

✅ All the Bull NFT holders will be eligible (1 per each Wallet holding COBI Bull NFTs)

✅ $BULL token holders staking more than 10,000 $BULL tokens (not Applicable on the vesting tokens staked), regardless of whether they hold a bull NFT or not.


Take a look at the Participation Process and Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Snapshots of Bull NFT holders and $Bull token stakers will be taken on 2nd May 2022 at a random time for eligible wallets, and drop will take place on 4th May.
  2. For those qualifying through token staking, you must be staking at least 10,000 $BULL tokens on https://token.bullieverse.com/ for up to a 1-year lock-up period on any of the three staking pools available to be eligible for the Quad Bike Drop. (You do not need a bull NFT to qualify)

And that’s not all! Many more things are coming this Q2 to add more spark to your bullish rides in Bullieverse — The Open Metaverse. Next, we have the leaderboard competitions, followed by the Bear NFT launch, COBI BULL NFT renting feature, a new game launch, and more.

Up for some extra perks? Holders of Bull NFTs, Bears NFTs, Quad Bike NFTs, and the $BULL token will enjoy several perks and the best immersive experience in the Bullieverse Metaverse with their personal 3D NFT avatars. So, wait no more. Start prepping up for this exciting times ahead!

About Bullieverse

Bullieverse is an Open World Metaverse developed for the community of players and creators. It offers users/players a truly immersive environment and opportunities to monetize their time and loyalty in Bullieverse with its unique NFTs. Users can own NFTs, use them to play games, asset owners can rent and lease their assets to others in the community, and more. Built for the Web 3.0 citizens, this unique gaming ecosystem will be owned by the Web 3.0 citizens as players start owning the $BULL tokens.

Become a Citizen of Bulliever Island (COBI) today!

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