Anti-Trump=Pro WW3

Let’s Be Blunt

Excuse the sensational headline, but it really is time to take stock of the games being played with the public psyche before it gets anymore out of hand.

Last night was the culmination of what can only be described as absolute idiocy. After weeks of attempting to assure the American people of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, and thus, delegitimize the forthcoming Trump Presidency, everything came to an explosive and embarrassing screeching halt.

Democrats and Anti-Trump Republicans, desperate to believe in their own Russian fairy tale, were bitch-slapped into reality by their own bias and tunnel vision.

With time on the clock running out before Trump’s inauguration, they threw their hail Mary pass–BuzzFeed, along with pundit Rick Wilson, believing they would secure their legend status in the history books of explosive journalism, made the decision to release the long awaited (but unconfirmed) proof tying Donald Trump to the Russian government.

The long pass was caught by CNN, Cosmopolitan, and a hoarde of uber-excited liberal internet trolls who ran for the end-zone only to be tackled at the 1 yard line by–4chan?? Not only were they tackled at the one, it was on their own end of the field.

After the Fake News campaign had failed to convince the American public the Mainstream Media (aka-dinosaur media, legacy media, old media) were the only sources who could be trusted to deliver the real, honest-to-goodness, verified and legit news, we watched in real time as it became evident the entire dossier of intelligence information everyone was waiting for was a long running internet hoax–a piece of fan fiction wrote last year for the explicit purpose of trolling journalist Rick Wilson.

I was aware of this story last October but didn’t give it much thought. It had come up around the time the rumors of a nasty Trump October surprise was still to come. I remember reading how some 4chan members had fabricated a story to lead somebody into thinking there was dirt on Trump.

October passed and I assumed whoever it was the 4chan’ners were trolling was smart enough to have investigated and verified the fake story (like a journalist is supposed to do) before he/she embarrassed themselves by releasing it.

I don’t believe anybody expected the work of fan-fiction to take on a life of it’s own, including the 4chan members themselves.

Like a kid’s game of group story writing, giddy Anti-Trumpers let their imaginations run, adding elements, such as the supposed ex-MI 6 spy source, to the plot.

It’s abundantly clear now why the American intelligence agencies did not want to release this information. You have to believe the majority of them were smart enough to have seen this story for what it was, and most likely, the idea was to continue the “just believe us-we have the proof-we just can’t show you” narrative forever, or as long as possible to keep the cloud of doubt over the election’s legitimacy.

In one perfect example of what not to do as a news organization, BuzzFeed, followed closely by CNN, Cosmopolitan, and others, committed their credibility to an unverified hoax, and in turn, exposed the cards of the American intelligence complex, as well as the likes of rambunctious Republican turncoats John McCain and John Kasich.

I admit, I had a good laugh last night at the expense of an archaic media who can’t seem to do anything but help lower their trust rate (now at an unprecedented 7%) while it laughably attempts to call-out everyone else for running fake news stories. The irony is too rich not to laugh.

*I’ve heard BuzzFeed has already began blacking out sections of the following report so it could be in a more redacted state than it was last night.

But what is not funny any longer is the determination by a completely desperate Democratic party, along with it’s partners in the Republican party, the intelligence agencies, and worst of all, the outgoing, current administration.

Predictably, they will blame 4chan if their record of not accepting blame is any indication, but that will be wrong.

The responsibility is all their own. They are so determined to undermine the legitimately elected President-Elect Trump, it’s hard to say just how far they are willing to go–-and who they are willing to sacrifice–in their efforts to retain power.

They have strained U.S.-Russia relations to near breaking point. They have the military perched dangerously close to Russian borders almost daring them to spark a conflict.

It’s extremely concerning to watch one failed ploy after another in an attempt to discredit Trump and somehow, avert his upcoming inauguration. It’s now blatantly obvious how desperate they are, but where does it end? How far will they take it?

The propaganda media machine is all but useless. The entire intelligence complex is going to take a massive credibility hit over this seemingly obvious hoax both at home and across the world. The Never-Trumpers in the Republican party have committed career suicide and are doomed to a future of obscurity, and most embarrassingly, the Obama legacy now ends on a very low note of appearing as whining, desperate, tantrum throwing children unwilling to accept loss with dignity and grace.

Instead of upholding the long standing tradition of peaceful transition of power, and spending their last 2 months in power gracefully setting an example and assuring their legacy was one to be proud of, the Democrats have squandered the time setting up hurdles, promoting division in the populace, and seemingly attempting to ensure Trump is set up to fail providing he ever gets to his inauguration.

It is time for the infighting to stop. It’s time for liberals, Democrats, and any other Anti-Trumpers to reassess their priorities–it is possible to not like a President but still work towards success for the sake of the country and everybody in it.

It’s time to ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice your country for the sake of ego–do you want Trump to fail so you can tell somebody I told you so?

Maybe it’s also time to assess why exactly it is you don’t like Donald Trump. Is it because of something like Meryl Streep’s speech where she used a false example of an alleged Trump action–an action that had long been debunked as a fabricated media lie?

Perhaps there are more examples you are basing your dislike of Donald Trump which are also false. Do you want to spend the next 4 or 8 years being miserable based on biased lies? Or are your reasons based on fact–-all the facts–-and are they substantial enough to justify hating half of your fellow countrymen who voted for Donald Trump? What do they see in him that you don’t? I guarantee, half the country aren’t racist white men.

Some people are so concerned about what Trump might do, they are not seeing what the government and it’s tentacles are doing right now.

They worry Trump will quash Freedom of Speech while the government is doing it now with their Fake News tactics designed to silence dissent.

They are worried Trump is a racist and will cause racial divide while the current government continues to divide and group people into different segments to pit them against each other.

They are worried Trump is some sort of authoritarian while the current government rules by Executive Orders and last-minute changes to bills effecting civil liberties which are not even being mentioned by the mainstream media. (*See the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016)

Most importantly, are you willing to follow a false and desperate narrative right into war with Russia based on nothing? Or even civil war based on division and race-baiting which are being manufactured NOW by the current government?



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