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BREAKING: Wikileaks Confirms Seth Rich as Leaker?

The AMF Seth Rich Murder Investigation

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

UPDATE Nov. 15: I’ve added a short follow up HERE.

In a bizarre twist on what the mainstream media assumed was a huge gotcha against Donald Trump Jr. colluding with Wikileaks during the election campaign, everything was turned on it’s head leaving the MSM stunned.

First, let me clarify by saying the story the mainstream was originally trying to spin was complete and utter desperation to come up with something–anything–to smear the Trump campaign.

The headlines spread —

  • Donald Trump Jr. Channeled WikiLeaks for the Trump Campaign
  • Wikileaks’ “Secret Correspondence“ with Don Trump Jr. published
  • Very Illuminating Messages Between WikiLeaks and Don Jr. Leaked to Press

In their haste and smugness to break a story, they attempted to spin communication between Don Jr. and Wikileaks during the campaign as some nefarious collusion. In reality, it was the proverbial nothing burger — there were a mere three responses from Don Jr. to suggestions Wikileaks had made. Most of it was Junior simply ignoring requests.

You can see the entire chat transcription as released by Don Jr. throughout this article.

Even so, there was no story as Don Jr. speaking to Wikileaks, a publisher, would be no different from anyone in the Clinton campaign talking to any other publisher–which they not only did on many occasions, as well as socialize, collude, and even prepare and approve stories which were to be run showing their campaign in a positive light.

So let’s not even pretend Don Jr. did anything approaching unethical. He didn’t.

Here’s where it gets much more interesting–-Don Jr. ultimately released the conversations he had with Wikileaks himself after they were leaked to the Atlantic.

Who leaked the transcripts in the first place? The leaking of a private citizens correspondence from what was supposed to be a Senate Intelligence investigation is and should be, considered a very serious crime on somebody’s part.

You may remember, Senator Dianne Feinstein sending a request directly to Twitter last month, completely bypassing procedure, asking the company to release the private direct messages of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and others.

It would appear Twitter complied with the request giving Feinstein at least the chats between Wikileaks and Don Jr.

The letter from Senator Dianne Feinstein…

At some point in or after this transaction, somebody was able to obtain and leak these transcripts to the press. How does this make you feel about your rights and privacy on Twitter?

Regardless, it would appear this was exactly what Don Jr. and likely Wikileaks, expected would happen and Don Jr. released the transcripts in their entirety to the public.

It should be noted Don Jr. had already turned over these same conversations to the investigation prior to the leaks so he was in no way hiding anything.

Needless to say, the MSM went on a spin frenzy in an attempt to convince the smarter than they give credit public this was the smoking gun which would bring down the Trump presidency. I don’t believe even the die-hard liberals were buying it earlier in the evening.

What the MSM didn’t see coming was the link contained in the chat, which originally led to a mirror of the Podesta emails Wikileaks had released, had coincidentally expired and was immediately repurchased by someone who’s identity is concealed in the DNS records.

DNS Records

This is the text which appears on the webpage at

The link, posted in almost every mainstream outlet across the globe, now leads to a page saying thanks to Don Jr., you know Seth Rich was the leaker of the internal emails to Wikileaks and for this reason, was killed by order of John Podesta and the DNC.

Now, simply making a website stating Seth was murdered by the DNC does not make it so, but it certainly raises many questions.

Was it pure coincidence the domain formerly owned by Wikileaks happened to expire and be repurchased by someone who, seemingly expecting new traffic, had a web page ready to go crediting Don Jr. to the people visiting?

Whoever purchased the domain had to know traffic would be coming, and exactly who the traffic would be.

In other words, it appears Don Jr.’s release of the chat transcripts was planned knowing the media would be spreading this link across the world.

Was Wikileaks involved in this little sting? It’s difficult to believe they weren’t but with the domain transferred out of their control, they have essentially insulated themselves from the operation.

Wikileaks purposely ties their own hands by committing to never reveal sources–a policy which has allowed them to remain credible and trusted for the past 11 years. With the domain in the hands of a third party, a claim is made of Seth being the source along with an explanation as to how this came to be. Coincidence?

The entire mainstream media is left advertising the Seth Rich revelation by this third party–their own story completely overshadowed by this much larger and more intriguing claim, true or not.

The MSM has been played yet again. Their ill-conceived haste and lust for anything to discredit the President and his administration, no matter how irrelevant, or downright false, shows their desperation–and it is literally destroying them.

I do believe there is more to this portion of the story as well. The timing of the renewed attacks on Representative Dana Rohrabacher coincide with Senator Feinstein’s request for Twitter conversations dating back seven years could suggest there were more conversations happening on Twitter than originally believed.

If you remember from a previous article, Representative Rohrabacher met with Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy back in August of this year. Shortly after, Assange again made clear the Russians had nothing to do with the leaks from the DNC or Podesta, and he was willing and able to prove it to President Trump.

We now know Don Jr. not only spoke with Wikileaks but people such as Kim Dotcom, who also claims to have proof Seth Rich was the leaker.

Could there have been Twitter conversations between any of these people with Seth and/or Aaron Rich as well? Is this the reason the powers that be are desperately skirting around protocol and issuing requests directly to Twitter?

Could the proof Julian Assange speaks of regarding Seth Rich as the leaker be in the form of a Twitter direct message chat? And if so, could it too be exposed by a third party again insulating Assange and Wikileaks from their commitment to revealing sources?

There is no doubt this last trap the corporate elite walked right into would have them concerned…very concerned.

The media no longer knows if the story they are breaking is actually another set up where they unwittingly expose information to the masses.

The karma behind the spread of fake news may be coming back to bite the asses of the MSM in a big, BIG, way. The question is will they be able to figure out when they are being duped?

My guess is no. Expect more revelations to come by way of the corrupt mainstream whether they realize it or not.


PS…is this foreshadowing of what is yet to come?


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