The America First Media Investigation Into the Homicide of Seth Rich

Does The President Want Justice for Seth Rich?

The America First Media Seth Rich Investigation

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

In a week with no shortage of developing stories, the one which caught my attention was again from Cassandra Fairbanks at Big League Media.

The article, Washington Insider tells BLP what President Trump is asking about Seth Rich reports of an anonymous White House insider saying the President has been inquiring as to the status of the non-existent homicide investigation into the homicide of Seth Rich despite attempts to keep him in the dark.

It is alleged Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, the only congressperson to have met with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy, has been hampered in his attempts to meet with the President to broker a potential exchange of information for his exoneration and freedom.

Big if true as is commonly said on Twitter. I have no reason to doubt Cassandra as her sources have been quite reliable in the past.

Our investigation into Seth Rich has been focused on the legal options as of late. As I reported a couple of weeks ago, we have been working closely with Texas attorney and legal pitbull, Ty Clevenger on filing Freedom of Information requests (FOIA) and fighting for sanctions of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers in several states for the destruction of evidence in relation to her private email server.

Essentially, with Ty’s guidance and hard work, we are going through Hillary Clinton to get the answers for the homicide of Seth Rich and the mysterious death of Shawn Lucas.

The goal being an independent council investigation into Hillary Clinton to open the doors for the information we need to, hopefully, bring an end to the questions surrounding these two deaths.

Call it what you will — luck, karma, God’s will, serendipity — but the timing of the Uranium One scandal, the debunking of the failed Russian Trump collusion fairy tale, maybe even the Weinstein scandal, have all worked towards bringing an independent council closer to reality for an assortment of reasons.

An interesting aside regarding our investigation and the Uranium One scandal — if you recall this article from September 29th, I wrote about an alleged eye witness who appeared only on the internal police reports of MPD. The dog walking witness who claimed to have seen two African-American males running from the murder scene towards the LeDroit area of Washington was never part of the official narrative. We thought it odd a potential eye witness to a crime with so few leads was never mentioned publicly, but we may have inadvertently stumbled on the reason they were excluded.

I had mentioned this person was part of the Energy Department, holding a fairly prominent position, at the time the Uranium One deal was in the works only to depart shortly after and take a position practicing veterinary medicine.

Our initial thoughts were this person was used as a plant to further an official narrative, but seeing this information was never released publicly, perhaps this person really was an eye witness out walking their dog at 4:00am.

Keep in mind, the Department of Energy was an integral part of the approval of the Uranium One deal. Maybe this person was kept out of the spotlight for a reason.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal may not have had a direct influence on this case, although it has opened discussions about the Franklin Cover-Up from the 80’s which did have ties to Nebraska, Rich’s home state, it has had more of an effect on people’s trust in any institution even remotely linked to the Democrats, and an overall exhaustion with elitist secrecy turning to scandal.

Back to the President…

I had written about the possibility of having no where to go with the information we have collected in our investigation when it drew to a conclusion, meaning, who would we trust to take our findings once we had exhausted all of our leads? Who would actually do something with the information to see justice was served?

This was, and still is to a lesser degree, a concern of the team. We have a wish list, so to speak, of who/where we would take our findings. Of course, the President himself would be the ideal, but I don’t believe any of us considered it a realistic possibility.

Maybe it’s not as far fetched as we thought.

It seems we may actually have a President who does take personal interest in what the general public cares about. And we know first hand, people care about justice for Seth Rich, and at the very least, a plausible explanation for Shawn Lucas’ strange death.

If what the alleged insider says is true, what will President Trump think when he finds out DC Metro Police have all but abandoned their open investigation into Seth Rich’s murder?

What will he say when he learns the MPD have either lost or disposed of the police body cam footage from the night of the homicide in violation of their own policy of retaining murder videos for a minimum of 65 years?

What will he say when he hears all FOIAs applied for by everyone for any information routinely issued has been rejected and/or stonewalled?

Is President Trump really interested in bringing justice for Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas? Would the President look at the findings of America First Media from our investigation?

Big if true.


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