Hillary’s Fraudulent Plan To Take Down Trump EXPOSED.

Horrible Fraudulent Plan To Accuse Trump of Bill’s Actions.

Current time is 7:03pm Eastern, just under two hours until the second Presidential Debate begins.

Tonight, Hillary Clinton will refuse to shake Donald Trump’s hand at the beginning of the debate.

Anderson Cooper will begin by asking Clinton why she refused to shake Trump’s hand will will segue into Hillary’s attack against Trump as a misogynist.

If Roger Stone’s insider is correct, this is how the, again, scripted debate will begin. I suppose they could make a last minute change since this has been exposed — but it doesn’t really matter.

What is much more serious if it comes to pass, is a fraudulent rape charge against Donald Trump.

According to an alleged different Democratic insider than the one mentioned earlier, he was coming forward to expose the Clinton’s plan to launch a fake Jane Doe lawsuit naming Donald Trump and, Bill Clinton’s old friend and convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

What makes me believe this is a credible plot is that Clinton’s operatives have already tried filing this lawsuit a couple of times since Trump began his campaign. The lawsuit has been thrown out previously because the court didn’t believe the Jane Doe existed.

Now, with less than a month left before the election, they have refiled the same complaint in New York State knowing there will not be enough time to have the case dismissed again.

Another reason the Clinton’s could attempt something like this is they have a history of projecting their own scandals on somebody else.

Hillary Clinton has been concerned Bill’s history on what was known as Orgy Island, Epstein’s pedophile resort. Bill Clinton had been logged as flying on Epstein’s plane, known as the Lolita Express more than 20 times.

In fact, it was mentioned in the latest leak from Wikileaks this past Friday.


This story was broke earlier today by Alex Jones who showed the court filings on live TV.

He speculated Hillary’s campaign might even introduce an author with a book already made up from this false narrative of Trump going to Epstein’s house and raping an underaged girl 22 years ago.

He believed the previous court filings were meant to give credence to the claim, even though the case had been thrown out every time it had been submitted.

Jones’ insider apparently came forward to expose this plot because he was concerned about Hillary Clinton’s aggressive attitude toward Russia and the risk of war starting.

The insider also stated to Jones that all the big mainstream media hacks would be in on the scam and will be doing their part to smear Trump.

Will they change their plans with this plot being exposed? Possibly.

If the Clinton campaign does now back down, then Trump will have been spared the worst possible smear you could falsely accuse a person of doing.

If they do go through with this plan, everyone will know just how corrupt the whole political and media systems are.

You may not like Donald Trump personally, and you may despise his comments from 11 years ago, but NOBODY deserves to be accused of something like this when they are innocent.

And maybe, it’s time to relook at the man the FBI gave another sweet deal to, Jefferey Epstein, and finish the investigation into the parties who actually did rape, threaten, and participate in underage orgies.


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