Maybe The President Should Cancel Press Briefings

He’d Be Doing Them A Favor

I’m not sure why I watch the press briefings some days. I can last maybe 5 minutes before I’m yelling at the screen. The questions asked are, most times, so ridiculous the briefings have become an embarrassment.

Such effort expended on semantics — repeatedly asking the same questions phrased differently — on the most meaningless issues, in an attempt to capture a gotcha from the Press Secretary and/or the President. Headline fishing…

The mainstream press has proven itself unworthy of handling the responsibility of serving the entire population — not only the liberal audience and the liberal corporate media elites. The press briefings are not held to provide fodder for their exploitive, inaccurate, and outright fabricated coverage.

The Trump Administration has lost confidence in the media as a service for public information, and justifiably so. The public has no trust in them either.

The President has resorted to leaving the press to occupy themselves with random sound bytes and cryptic Tweets which mean nothing so he is able to continue working — doing the work of the people.

Unbelievably, the mainstream media has yet to figure this out — it’s doubtful they will before the end of Trump’s second term. It’s not even a secret. Any investigative journalist should’ve figured this out, but this crop is so laser-focused on finding a scandal, they have lost their peripheral instincts.

Do I think it’s right for a President to throw tennis balls to keep the dogs busy while he works — with the current mainstream press, absolutely. It is the smartest thing he could do.

If the mainstream media had their way, the administration would not be able to accomplish anything — look at the Russian collusion fairy tale.

It has been made clear on numerous occasions there is not, nor has there ever been, evidence of collusion with the Russians between the President, his campaign, or his administration.

The investigations underway are related to Russian, or any other, foreign involvement in the election process. Period.

You would never know this from the mainstream media networks. They unabashedly report as if the investigation is of the President himself. If you were to ask the average citizen, they would likely say the same since this is the narrative perpetuated on a daily basis.

If the government can’t trust the press to report something as critical as whether the President himself is under investigation when they have been told outright numerous times, why should the President indulge them with other critical information which won’t be conveyed honestly to the public.

The President might as well do the mainstream media a favor and cancel the press briefings all together. Perhaps these journalists might be forced to actually investigate to find the stories — y’know, like the independent media has been doing, and quite frankly, embarrassing the supposed professionals.

I have come to believe the only solution for dealing with the problem of fake news and it’s primary perpetrators, is to strip their classification of being actual news and licensing them as Entertainment, along the lines of what was done with professional wrestling years ago.

All of the major networks would fall under this category. As it stands, they should be required to print the disclaimer of being a paid advertisement on their stories as that is exactly what they are — corporate sponsored propaganda designed to subvert the legitimately elected government of the United States.