PutinTrump? Are You Putin Me On?

Back Off Donnie. Hillary Wants Vlad As Her Own SnuggleBear.

This is really getting sad. The Clinton campaign has become so desperate to slow her slide out of contention for the White House, she has turned into the conspiracy theorist she has been convinced everyone around her must be.

If you ever wanted to see what a conspiracy kook could do with millions and millions of dollars and a George Soros Super Pac behind them, now you can — PutinTrump or TrumpPutin or some stupid promotion. No, I’m not kidding. There’s a website and everything.

And it’s become a laughing stock across the net in record time. Now, I am convinced Mrs. Clinton has something more wrong with her than just a physical ailment.

It seems as if they took a slam on Trump from early on in the campaign and decided to throw their entire attack campaign behind trying to convince voters Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are somehow in a long distance bromance. Hey, someone has to replace Brad and Angelina.

Nobody’s buying it. It’s been a joke since it was first suggested, but to see a website filled with conspiratorial propaganda so desperately designed to distract from Hillary’s many scandals is — I don’t know — sad, creepy, pathetic, all of those maybe. It’s like an unfunny version of The Onion. I just watched the Fox anchors shaking their heads and laughing about it. (I wonder how CNN is promoting it? I’ve had to break from CNN for a while for the sake of my blood pressure.)

Our goal is to be the Web’s most rigorous and thorough source for news and information on the dangerous Putin-Trump connection.

Oooookkkkaaaayyyy then.

This bizarro world strategy is funded by Progress for America PAC, a *George Soros investment whose entire mission is to attack Trump with whatever will stick. *Note — George Soros is the uber-rich guy who tells Hillary what to do.

I wonder how all these elite donors feel about dumping millions into Hillary’s campaign — outspending Donald Trump 50 to 1 — while she’s not well enough to campaign more than one or two days per week. (I just learned she did a video…rally…to a union group yesterday. Wow)

While Donald Trump is out amongst the people, drawing record crowds, doing 2 or more events per day, and making an effort to reach a wide range of different groups to hear their concerns, Hillary has been cancelling events and taking more time off.

The media has been covering the large Trump events but have been pulling their cameras out of places like the Haitian community gathering in Florida. As soon as people began asking for an investigation into the money the Clinton Foundation raised for Haiti but didn’t deliver, the cameras were cut and the media ran for the exits.

Obama has stepped in, campaigning to bigger, more enthusiastic crowds than the candidate draws as he desperately attempts to preserve his legacy.

Someone in her group, maybe Hillary herself, came up with this asinine Russian connection — I can see this tactic ending up in some Believe It or Not trivia years from now as people ask, Did they really do that?

The only thing that could turn this from funny/pathetic to scary would be if they are actually planning some type of escalation with Russia so they can attempt to tie it to Trump.

I hope the Clinton and Obama teams are not that desperate. I hate to delve into the conspiracy realm with them but I’m not the only one who thought about this possibility.

Paul Joesph Watson asked the same question. He brings up a few possible scenarios motivating this barrage of VladTrumpophobia. I really hope he is wrong.

In the meantime, the country has real issues with no easy answers or quick fixes. I admit, as funny as the Russian ploy seems, it pisses me off whenever I think of the amounts of money they waste on shit like this when there are so many places, people, issues, and so on, where that money could be used.

Here’s hoping North Carolina finds some peace somehow and no more blood is shed.



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