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BREAKING: New Developments On Seth Rich Murder

Roommates Located by Private Investigation Team

As the first anniversary of the murder of former DNC employee, Seth Rich, approaches, the leads have still not brought the justice needed in this unsolved case.

Today, we have word that the private investigative team known as America First Media consisting of Matt Couch, Bill Pierce, Josh Flippo, and Kevin Booker, have made significant progress in potentially locating two of Seth’s roommates from the time of his mysterious murder.

Of the many murders which go unsolved each year, Seth’s has been a case which has captured both the hearts, and the questioning minds of the public due in large part by the seeming disinterest of the mainstream media, as well as the inexplicable lack of evidence.

The team of crowdfunded investigators recently released a list of 40 unanswered questions regarding the murder — many of the same questions average citizens have been asking for the past year.

The air of secrecy surrounding what was alleged to have been a robbery gone bad has been troubling since the initial reports hit the media the morning following Seth’s death.

According to the America First team, we may finally have at least some answers. The investigators have apparently tracked down at least two roommates and plan to release a formal statement later tonight on their website located at America First Media.


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You can follow the America First Team on Twitter for live updates:

Matt Couch -@RealMattCouch
Bill Pierce — @TheRealBP65
Josh Flippo — @JFlippo1327
Kevin Booker — @KevinBooker206

On Facebook, the team can be found at America First Media.

You can also check out their GoFundMe page for further updates on their investigation and to show your support.

In the meantime, here is a sampling of Twitter posts from the team members on their most recent findings in a special Twitter Collection.

UPDATE: Read Here.


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