Sorry, Unnamed Sources=Fake News Now

WaPo Just Spent It’s Last CredBuck.

The use of unnamed or anonymous sources were once reserved for occasional stories when it couldn’t be avoided — acceptance as a legitimate news story, was dependent on the reputation of the journalist or publication.

In 2017, every single day provides a bushel of stories with unnamed sources — citations and/or sources are no longer a requirement for a news story.

Today, Monday, May 15th, 2017, the Washington Post used up it’s last few kernels of credibility by releasing it’s unverified headline hit piece entitled, Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador.

The only source cited in the entire article was General H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, who was at the meeting in question, and his comment was this:

At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed, and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly.

Every aspect of the claims made in the story are thus attributed to unnamed sources, which we are expected to believe because…the Washington Post wrote it?

Sorry, WaPo, but the TrustBuggy left the station with the last of your luggage somewhere around election day.

None of the mainstream media outlets have even attempted to earn back the trust of the public which they completely destroyed during the 2016 campaign, yet they have the audacity to run unsourced news articles with the expectation of credibility.

It’s time to call out these stories for what they are — fake news at it’s worst.

When the country's mainstream news sources are blatantly pursuing an agenda far beyond normal bias, and essentially fabricating conspiracy theories to undermine the government, they have become the enemy of the American people — just as the President of the United States claimed.

In this latest despicable attempt at journalism, they have proven yet again, the mainstream are the largest purveyors of fake news. Any serious attempt at curbing false narratives is going to have to begin with the mainstream media first and foremost.

The Washington Post has officially joined the ranks of the conspiracy, tin foil hat, tabloid fiction producers. Tonight should also mark the last time the country pauses while respected generals take time out of their schedules to state the absurd truth about a story with no basis in fact.

There needs to be consequences for this sort of irresponsible journalism as well. Start with removing their assigned seating at the White House Press Briefings — from there, they can work themselves right out of their press credentials as they see fit.

Congratulations WaPo, you are now and forever synonymous with fake news.


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