That’s It. Done. It’s Over.

At Least It Should Be…So Why Is Hillary Still A Candidate?

On Monday, the FBI found 15,000 more emails which Hillary Clinton did not turn over, again, after she claimed everything had been submitted.

Well, that’s it then. She should be done. It’s yet another lie to the FBI and Congress and the American public — why is there need for more investigation or debate?

I can’t think of any other politician in history that has been allowed to maintain an ongoing series of scandals so egregious she should never have made it through the primaries, much less remain a Presidential candidate.

There used to be a decorum of ethics where a politician would have stepped down before any scandal grew to this magnitude in an attempt to save further embarrassment to their party’s reputation as well as a show of grace and humility.

It wasn’t considered appropriate, nor was it expected, to have fellow party members risk their own reputations by defending a disgraced candidate.

The desperation to cling onto power has gone beyond embarrassing to the U.S. in the eyes of the world. Clinton has put everyone in her party, the current Obama administration, even the media, in the awkward position of trying to defend her actions at every turn while she has hid, not having a press conference yet this year, all for her own selfishness. It’s inexcusable and indefensible.

It is impossible to properly scrutinize Donald Trump as a candidate when the hypocrisy on the Clinton side is so glaring, every critique comes across as an attempt to distract from her own issues.

Unless it comes to light that Trump has been hiding a life as a serial killer or something to that degree, there is nothing that will arise out of his business past to come close to the deceptions we know of — Clinton’s lies, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, and the pay for play deals in the State Department. Even those are only a fraction of the known improprieties. Her past will haunt every American's future for years to come.

The Department of Justice isn’t even going to release the emails related to the Clinton Foundation until after the election — that alone should have people enraged — and fearful — obviously, there is something else to hide about Clinton’s dealings.

To hear the Clinton campaign attempt to pick apart words, mere words, Trump has used, or any other petty issue compared to actual lives being lost, wars being fought, nations in ruin — to even suggest Donald Trump is even in the same category of blatant corruption would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

The entire mainstream media, for whatever reasons, has chosen to align with Clinton, and in doing so, has shredded what credibility and trust they had left with the public to the extent longtime journalists are speculating if the damage can ever be undone. I doubt that it can.

To top off this travesty of justice, the out of touch, wealthy, Hollywood elite have not only aligned with Clinton but are lining up to host fundraising gala events, closed even to the media.

It’s a slap in the face, spit in the eye, salt in the wounds, kick in the groin to the already disillusioned middle and lower income working class taxpayers to hear how Hillary and Bill took a 20 mile plane ride to attend a gala party, wearing her $13,000 designer pant suit, and their favorite celebrities will reward her with more money in one night than any of them will see in their lifetimes — tossing in thousands of dollars like it’s pocket change — so Hillary can continue to buy her way out of her lies and illicit deals and pay for the position of President in the White House — a position that used to belong to the candidate with the strongest character and fortitude, who tried to set the example of courage and integrity — to attempt to embody the philosophy of American values and freedom, and set a standard for the rest of the planet.

Hillary Clinton is counting on an apathetic, easily distracted, electorate with short memories who couldn’t be bothered to question the media’s propaganda — the voters who obediently believe Donald Trump is a scary racist because Justin Timberlake says he is — and most important, the voter who can be bought to overlook and forget about the people who died in Benghazi, then all of Libya, the people who are still dying in Syria, being killed with weapons she funnelled straight to Isis, all for money, both directly and indirectly through companies like Lafarge — all for the sake of donations to her Clinton Foundation — for money.


This was written prior to Hillary Clinton’s racist rant on Donald Trump in case you were wondering why there were no references to any of the points made.

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