The Alt-Right Farce

Even Hillary’s fans didn’t know what the hell the Alt-Right was.

Today in Reno, Nevada, Hillary Clinton gave the equivalent of an in-person, hour long, Twitter rant. To the dismay of her followers and reporters, she didn’t address any of the scandals dogging her campaign regarding her emails, the State Department or the Clinton Foundation and the Pay for Play corruption .

In fact, when one reporter tried to initiate a Q and A outside a cafe, he was laughed off as Hillary directed workers to feed the press chocolate, keeping her streak of avoiding media scrutiny intact. Good thing she had goodies with her to subdue the press with.

Her speech today was not to discuss anything about herself — no policies, no priorities, no promises — no, today was all about Trump and the new evil villain or villains, the Alt-Right.

Part One of her Distraction Rant was to try to connect Donald Trump and his followers to white supremacy and racism which went over like a lead balloon. Even panelists on the horrible, Clinton propaganda network, CNN, were saying it was a cheap ploy seeing as her and Bill attended Trump’s wedding some years ago.

The crowd was so quiet you could hear the eyeballs rolling back in the heads of the people familiar with the infamous picture of Hillary embracing Senator Robert Byrd, a former recruiter for the Klu Klux Klan, whom Hillary also eulogized at his funeral calling him “my friend and mentor”.

Sen. Byrd — Hillary’s Friend and Mentor

Hillary also used the opportunity to solidify the naming of another Liberal target that threatens to derail her rise to the throne of America — the non-existent Alt-Right media.

In what is a common psychological ploy of many governments who attempt to suppress free speech — she singled out some alternative media sources which offer critical opinions of her — in this case Breitbart and Alex Jones for now — and then makes a ludicrous case of them being racist and extremist (ie: dangerous). All that’s left is to give the new imaginary group of evildoers a name — a buzzword — the Alt-Right, or Alternative Right.

This was not a big surprise seeing as one of her campaign’s goals is to shut down Breitbart News (who also happen to host the documentary Clinton Cash on their site) and other alternative media outlets.

Targeting online media who go against the Mainstream Media has been an objective of the Democrats for some time and with the new lows of propaganda and lies during this election, many people have realized the alternative media is the only place to find truth.

Guaranteed we will be hearing the term Alt-Right coming from the talking heads of the mainstream, just as the term conspiracy theorists had been used until, more often than not, the conspiracies the elite would scoff at increasingly turned out to be true.

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton is a Globalist and Globalists have no interest in preserving the Constitution or The Bill of Rights. And as long as there is freedom of speech where people have the power to hold their government accountable, the Globalists cannot achieve their goal of global government. They have to be able to control the flow of information and to do that, they have to erode the First Amendment — that’s exactly what this Alt-Right non-sense is about.

So what was the purpose of today’s Hillary speech? Her motivations are blatantly obvious — she attacked the two biggest hurdles to her path to President.

The minority vote the Democrats have taken for granted for decades is slipping away as Donald Trump points out the broken promises and lack of effort of the Dems. It’s become a shocking reality for them as more Blacks for Trump and Hispanics for Trump groups pop up — Trump’s words resonating — what have the democrats really done for them in all these years?

The White House struggled to defend the Obama government’s record when faced with the numbers showing minorities have not fared well the last seven years.

The percentage of black Americans living below the poverty line has risen from 25.8 percent in 2009 to 26.2 percent in 2014, according to the most recent Census Bureau data. The number of black food-stamp participants increased 58 percent, from 7.3 million to 11.7 million. — The Washington Post

Clinton’s other thorn in her side has been the influence the alternative media has had in exposing truths the Mainstream Media had been trying to conceal. The public has been rejecting the major networks en masse as it becomes more obvious all the time they are nothing but propaganda outlets for the liberals.

The attack on the alternative media will begin in earnest now that Clinton has named them. The only problem with this tactic is that these fringe nuts she refers to are a good portion of the general public. Breitbart News has 31 million readers and they are average Americans. They aren’t all the racist bigots Clinton claims — they are readers who may have different opinions than those of the New York Times, and that’s the threat to the left.


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