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The Boy and Brazile

Donna Brazile — The America First Media Investigation Into The Murder Of Seth Rich

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Most people have likely seen Donna Brazile out hocking her new book, Hacked, on one show or another. Her comments towards Hillary Clinton and the entire DNC organization have certainly garnered attention–-and scorn from her former peers. It’s her comments about Seth Rich which have piqued the most interest from investigators like myself and my team mates at America First Media.

I waited to analyze her statements simply because I wanted to see how, or if, her story evolved. Donna is nothing if not fluid when it comes to saying things one day only to uh, adjust their meaning the next. Since her admissions are in print, there’s only so far she can re-spin her story, but she can certainly try.

The most obvious flag raised by her comments would be her admission to being afraid for her own life after Seth’s murder.

This comment is staggering in it’s implications. Remember, the powers that be, which includes Brazile, have insisted Seth’s murder was the result of a botched robbery. Why would she fear being murdered herself if Seth’s death was simply a random robbery gone wrong?

More troubling are her comments about closing the drapes for fear of sniper fire, and Russian mafia in general.

You can almost hear the tap dancing going on while she weaves truth with fiction in her claims.

I’ve been told by sources closer to the situation Donna is actually a good person who has operated with a gun to her head so to speak–-doing what she had to stay um..around.

Ok, let’s suppose this is the case for a minute and give her the benefit of the doubt–-she kept her mouth shut for this long because she was scared for her life–-what changed?

Liberals who support Hillary Clinton aren’t going to like the answer. The alleged Russian threat, if it was ever there (hint — it wasn’t), would still be as much if not more of a threat today, so it can’t be a fear of Russian mafia.

Donna Brazile was afraid of Hillary Clinton and whoever else was involved in the murder of Seth Rich at the DNC. There can no longer be any doubt Donna knew the people surrounding her were capable of murder. She has admitted this fact.

For Brazile to feel comfortable enough to document these fears in a book, she has to know the threat of reprisal has been eliminated or at least lessened to a great degree.

Not a group content with sitting idly by while a turn coat former ally smashes apart many of their finely tuned narratives, a response on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DNC and DCCC mob was released here on Medium.

The most ironic excerpt from the rebuttal letter has to be the following:

It is particularly troubling and puzzling that she would seemingly buy into false Russian-fueled propaganda, spread by both the Russians and our opponent, about our candidate’s health.

Apparently I was not the only person to find some humor in this incredulous statement accusing Brazile of falling prey to the Russian narrative which they created since others have high lighted it as well.

The indications Hillary, John Podesta, and likely many more of her former colleagues will soon be facing the ramifications of their corruption could not be anymore obvious.

People are distancing themselves from Clinton in droves. The Podesta Group is, for all intents and purposes, defunct. The Russian collusion narrative including President Trump are dead, but they are only beginning for Clinton and Podesta.

The fact Brazile still includes the Russians in her confessions of guilt over Seth’s death tell me she is still either operating with the proverbial gun to her head (not likely anymore) or she is still hedging her bets (exactly).

Having investigated the Rich murder for the past year, I have trouble giving Donna Brazile the complete benefit of the doubt in concluding she was a good person doing what she could to survive within the corrupt organization she operated.

Stepping outside of my journalistic boundaries of reporting unbiased facts about this event, I admit, I have a problem not only with her penchant for lying repeatedly about things like the debate questions she fed Hillary Clinton, or the outright rigging of the DNC primaries, but the timing of her intense guilt.

Remember, she is doing interviews to sell a book. Quite the convenient time for pangs of guilt to wash over her.

“They Don’t Know What It’s Like to Bury a Child. I did — Seth Rich.” — Donna Brazile in ABC’s This Week interview

Perhaps my definition of what a good person would do if they knew of a conspiracy to not only conduct a murder, but keep it concealed for what would have been forever had Clinton won the presidency, differ from those in the DC Swamp.

This excuse of fear of reprisal is used ad nauseam from the people in the Hollywood Swamp who allowed rapists and pedofiles to operate freely for decades to political operatives like Brazile now.

The fact she will still not do away with the phony Russian threat and admit who she was really afraid of does not suggest a good person in my thinking.

There is a cure for this excuse of fear or reprisal and it’s called going public.

Sure, the mainstream media may be complicit in covering up many of these very scandals, but there are other ways to go public which are arguably more effective than the MSM.

Corey Feldman wanted to raise a ludicrous amount of money to produce a feature film as a way to go public. Meanwhile, every young actor and actress being abused waits for this endeavor to develop?

No, these people don’t need money, they don’t need book deals, and they don’t need the mainstream media to do what is right.

In a day where a simple Youtube video, or even a Twitter post, especially by somebody with name recognition, can reach millions within minutes and hours, going public has never been easier.

Even with the degree of censorship on social media platforms increasing daily, the power of people to disseminate information is unstoppable. The mainstream can be forced into covering the information of the people if the message is powerful enough. Even so, it is no longer necessary.

Donna Brazile, if you are the good person some proclaim you to be, and if the guilt over Seth’s death is as heavy as you want us to believe, cut the BS and come clean.

It should not be about book deals and television appearances. It’s not about phony Russian mafia snipers. It’s about the death of a 27 year old man you not only worked with, but claim to share the feelings of a mother who lost a child.

I knew the campaign had over $3 million set aside in a legal fund. Could she help me get this lawsuit started? And don’t forget the murder of Seth Rich, I told her. Did she want to contribute to Seth’s reward fund? We still hadn’t found the person responsible for the tragic murder of this bright young DNC staffer.
You’re right, she said. We’re going to get to that. But she really had to go. She had made the call and checked it off her list, and I accepted after we said our good-byes that I might never hear from her again. — excerpt from the book Hacks by Donna Brazile speaking of her last phone call to Hillary Clinton after the 2016 election loss.

Are you out there fighting to distance yourself from Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DNC to protect your own ass, or are you actually concerned about bringing justice to the murderers of Seth Rich who walk free to this day?

Are you a good person Donna? Or are you just another good liar in the Swamp?


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