What is Hidden Will Be Revealed.

The Seth Rich Investigation

Update July 8, 2017 — What is Hidden Shall Be Revealed

Update: Another action packed day — and night — in Washington. Matt Couch and the ground team spent the day pounding the pavement around the murder scene — walking the official route, walking alternate routes, talking to local residents, checking out the camera locations, and stopping at Lou’s City Bar, where Seth allegedly spent a good portion of his last night.

One of our bigger revelations yesterday was the name of the physician who pronounced Seth’s death at 5:57 am — and, to the surprise of many, it was not Dr. Jack Sava. The physician was Dr. Christine T Trankiem, a long time employee of MedStar Hospital, as well as a partner of Dr. Jack Sava.

Coincidentally, Dr. Trankiem is also on the team treating Republican Majority Whip of the House of Representatives, Steve Scalise.

I actually gave a hint in the title picture of my last article as to who the attending physician was — did you catch it?

Look very very close.

If you still can’t spot the hint, take a look at today’s picture at the top of the article. I brought the good doctor into focus and put a yellow triangle above her head — you are looking at Dr. Trankiem.

Why is this important?

Confirming the physician who actually pronounced the death of Seth helps our investigation in several ways. For one, it is additional corroboration for MedStar being the hospital Seth was taken to that night.

Yesterday, I had written we didn’t believe surgery could have been completed within the short time frame of the police arriving on the scene and the time he was pronounced dead.

Knowing the doctor who pronounced Seth’s death was a surgeon, we can adjust our theory to reasonably assume he was alive at the time he arrived at the hospital, and most likely, he passed while on the operating table.

Where are the surveillance camera pictures?

The ground team spent a lot of time walking the area and noting the number of surveillance cameras. It had been widely reported there were many cameras throughout the neighborhood — which was correct. Unfortunately, by talking to different business owners and residents, we also confirmed one of our suspicions — it is highly unlikely there is going to be any photographic evidence left.

We believe this is not so much due to any agency collecting and disposing of the surveillance evidence, (although this remains a possibility in the case of the ATM cameras), but residents and businesses were not canvassed and asked for their video footage. Many were completely unaware of the details of Seth’s death simply because they never approached by the police.

In what could be considered a bittersweet coincidence, there happened to be a shooting last night in the same area. Sadly, at last report, one person was killed and one was injured. From this unfortunate incident, we were able to witness firsthand, the typical, and proper, response to a shooting by the DC Metro Police Department.

Our teammate, @TruthInGov2016 illustrates clearly the difference in how Seth’s crime scene was handled compared to last night’s shooting.

Another distinct difference Matt discovered was the media response to the two crime scenes.

It certainly appears as though the media had been intentionally misinformed at Seth’s scene in an effort to keep them away.

We did have some additional sources come forward with credible information since the team’s arrival in Washington. We are currently in the process of investigating these new leads, along with contacting individuals who had been on our list.

Today, Matt was able to meet with journalist Lee Stranahan at his new office and school for journalism.

Lee had initially reached out to Matt at the time we released the information on Seth and Kelsey’s relationship status at the time of the murder. Lee had received the identical intelligence from a separate source several months prior, and was kind enough to offer his corroboration to our own findings.

It’s reassuring to have extra substantiation, especially on a subject we knew we would face criticism in revealing. You can read the rationale behind our decision to make the relationship status public HERE.

We have been asked quite often about a certain Reddit post from a supposed anonymous 4th year surgery resident at MedStar. I wanted to address this piece of information to illustrate just how convincing disinformation can look.

The person posting certainly sounds familiar with medical practice and procedure, but the biggest giveaway to it’s authenticity, at least as it is supposed to pertain to Seth’s case, is in the timeline this person lays out.

We truly did put a great deal of effort into debunking this post — probably too much effort for what it claims — but we wanted to be as thorough as possible and completely discredit the widely circulated picture which has taken on a life of it’s own in the forums.

We went through the possibilities of who it could’ve been, as well as checked out the person’s claims of procedures, and we can state unconditionally, this post is inaccurate — it is either intentional disinformation to mislead people investigating Seth Rich’s case, or, the person is mistaken as to the night or the patient they are referring. The poster does say, he/she didn’t realize who the VIP patient was until after the fact, as well as admitting they only knew the patient by a number, not a name.

The claims of Seth going to the trauma unit first, then into surgery where they removed 12cm of bowel, and so on, would have been impossible to accomplish in the short time frame.

We know the police responded to the shooting at 4:19am, followed by the EMT’s who would have had to stabilize the victim before transporting him to MedStar Hospital — they would have had an hour at the very most to have completed the surgery, the transfusion, as well as claim him to be stable and moved into the Intensive Care Unit. We also know he was pronounced dead by a physician who is not on the list shown on the side of the post, at 5:57am.

Putting this aside for a moment, the person posting goes on to say 8 hours later, law enforcement swarmed the hospital and nobody was allowed near Seth, and so on. We checked into this portion of the story as well, though it wasn’t necessary, and confirmed this event was completely fabricated — there were no police swarming the hospital on the afternoon of July 10, 2016.

Why would there have been? Seth had been pronounced dead at 5:57 earlier that morning.

The amount of disinformation online regarding this case is incredible. It’s easy to see how easily false reports are perpetuated simply by adding authentic sounding terminology.

It’s also enticing for people to seek out what they believe to be the secret to unlocking the mystery which everyone else has somehow overlooked. There are professionals who have mastered these psychological tricks solely for the purpose of luring people from specific platforms like Reddit or Twitter or Facebook.

This post could literally be put to rest by any reader who applies one minute of critical thinking, yet people still want to believe this mystery doctor. My advice to those who still believe is — go out and prove it.

We are not the first investigators to check into this Reddit theory, nor will we be the last — and nobody has been able to prove it true. This fact in itself should give you pause.

As Matt often says in his Periscope streams, these crimes and cover-ups aren’t going to be as sophisticated and tawdry as people want them to be. Real life isn’t like a James Bond movie. Seth Rich is a real person who was really murdered. The real murderers have not been identified.

If we are going to solve Seth’s murder and finally bring justice for him, we have to deal with real facts. Provable facts. They don’t come easy, and they aren’t always exciting, but every piece is important to the overall puzzle.

Stay tuned,


You can see more of Lee Stranahan at Populist.TV

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