We’ve Brought Hell With Us

The Seth Rich Investigation

We’ve Brought Hell With Us

Update: July 7th, 2017

Matt Couch and the America First Media team have arrived in Washington, D.C. and now the hard work begins. Not to say it’s been easy up to this point — far from it.

Breaking…Matt Couch (@realMattCouch on Twitter) just received a 12 hour suspension for posting Kelsey Mulka’s D.C. address on a Google map to illustrate the distance between her’s and Seth’s apartments at the time of the murder. Matt’s Twitter account should be fully functional again by 7:00am EST.

Update 9:34am EST — Matt’s Twitter account has been restored to full functionality with the stipulation he remove all posts related to Kelsey Mulka’s D.C. address including the map used for illustration purposes.

In spite of facing resistance at every turn — including people you would think would want this crime solved — the team has arguably broke and substantiated more new leads in this year old case than anyone, including the police.

Why is that? How is it possible for a team of outsiders, funded completely through public donations, able to amass such a wealth of new information in a relatively short time — and before they arrived at the crime scene?

The are a variety of answers — talent, hard work, experience, dogged determination, and LOTS of connections. A perfect example was the drive to Washington — 17 hours where we, (yes, I am one of the many connections and behind the scenes investigators), researched remotely and made new discoveries while in transit.

Where’s the proof? Who are your sources? Where are the documents?

These are a few of the questions we receive…constantly. It is important to realize this is an ongoing investigation, not a finished product we are presenting — yet.

This investigation is no different than an ongoing police investigation where people are being interviewed, connections are being made, sources reveal sensitive information dependent upon remaining safe themselves. Any investigation of this sort would end abruptly if someone who spoke on the condition of remaining anonymous were suddenly exposed in an article before the case was solved. Some sources will never be revealed outside of a court room.

Every piece of information we release as an update has to be thoroughly weighed — is it 100% verified and provable? Can we release this information without putting a source’s life in danger? Is the source of the information reliable? Will releasing this information now help or hurt the forward progress of the investigation?

You may have noticed every article I’ve written about this case has Investigation in the title — this is not without purpose. What I am presenting the reader is a progress report and not a conclusion. I can’t always cite a source in a progress report, not unlike the information officer you see in a t.v. news report who informs the public on the progress of their investigation.

How is this not fake news if you can’t show us the proof?

I’ll answer this question with my own question — how is WikiLeaks not fake news? In 11 years, WikiLeaks has never revealed a source, and, has never — not once — been proven wrong in any information they have released.

The difference between WikiLeaks and what we are presenting is, WikiLeaks doesn’t offer progress reports while they are substantiating their evidence.

Our investigation is not only crowd funded but partially crowd sourced — meaning, many of our leads have come from people hearing about us and coming forward with more information.

A fake news article with an unnamed source offers a conclusion based on nothing, and the authors benefit in the short term by achieving an agenda.

If we were to provide progress reports based on unreliable, unnamed sources, our generous donors would stop supporting us, and our long term agenda of finding the murderers of Seth Rich would never be achieved. There is no benefit — short or long term — for us to use sources or information of which we are not completely and thoroughly confident.

With that being said, here are our latest findings:

  • confirmation of MedStar being the D.C. hospital Seth was admitted the night of the murder.
  • confirmed the name of the physician who pronounced Seth Rich deceased at 5:57am the morning of July 10th, 2016.
  • confirmed this doctor was not Dr. Jack Sava as had been widely speculated.
  • confirmed Seth was not only beaten, but sustained markings on his wrists consistent with being restrained.
  • substantiated evidence of the murder being consistent with a mob or gang style hit as opposed to a botched robbery or a wet works (professional intelligence) style hit.

Along with findings we have substantiated, we can offer some reasonable speculation based on solid facts.

  • it is highly unlikely any surgery was completed in the time frame available.

With Seth being discovered at 4:19am and his time of death being 5:57am, we now believe it most probable Seth was either dead upon arrival at MedStar, or, at most, passed away while on the operating table. There simply was not enough time to have stabilized the victim, transported him to the hospital, and completed any surgical procedures as had been speculated in numerous publicly available theories.

While we do not believe there were any lower level intentions to deceive — meaning the attending officers, EMT staff, and so on — there most certainly is an ongoing, concerted effort to hinder any further investigation at higher levels.

Our team on the ground, which consists of several ex-law enforcement, military, and intelligence members, have encountered surveillance since arriving in Washington — strange to garner such attention for investigating what we are told was a robbery gone bad.

We have also encountered similar barriers in regards to obtaining records such as the death certificate, medical reports, and police reports, as those who have filed FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for the same documents.

Stay tuned as the coverage of the investigation in Washington D.C. continues, and please consider donating to the GoFundMe campaign where all proceeds are used to finance the only active investigation into the murder of Seth Rich. With your help, we will achieve #Justice4SethRich.



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