Travel for Americans Just Became VERY Dangerous

Former Iranian Hostage Confirms Cash Ransom Paid By The U.S.

Everyone suspected it, and it looks like the American public has been lied to again.

At least according to one of the hostages released from Iran after the unmarked plane full of cash was delivered.

In a Fox Business interview, pastor Saeed Abedini told interviewer Trish Regan, he and fellow hostages waited in a plane on the tarmac, and were told they would not be leaving until another plane arrived.

The Iranians stressed to the hostages if the other plane did not show up, they would never be leaving.

The interview is compelling evidence that President Barack Obama was not being forthright in his insistence the unmarked cargo plane loaded with $400 million dollars in cash was not a ransom payment for the hostages’ release.

American policy, as well as most other Western nations, is never to pay ransom for hostages due to the dangerous precedant and potential for increased hostage abductions.

Without further evidence to the contrary, it seems shortsighted political goals may have dramatically endangered American travellers worldwide.

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