Trump Scores Big Win In Mexico

Hillary is going to be very sorry she accept the invitation…

It appears Donald Trump’s impromptu trip to Mexico at the invitation of President Pena Nieto paid off. Nieto spoke first, and it looks like he is taking Donald Trump’s tough talk on immigration and trade deficits very seriously.

As Nieto started his speech with trade statistics, it momentarily looked as if he was going to begin a reprimand of sorts, but that changed quickly.

One of the most surprising moments of Nieto’s speech was his admission that although NAFTA has been great for his country, he was not averse to making changes that would benefit the United States in offsetting the trade imbalance. That must have had the Democrats in heart palpitations as they had laughed off any prospect of changing any international trade agreements. They were likely thinking it might have been a good idea to ask before now themselves.

Even as the topic of illegal immigration came up, the Mexican President acknowledged there were problems that had to be addressed. He was concerned about security and drug trade at the border and expressed his willingness to work with the U.S. to solidify the border to the benefit of both countries.

He also brought up Mexico’s concern about the illegal weapons dealings coming from the U.S. down, which does spin the spotlight back on the Obama administration and some of it’s policies.

Nieto also addressed the perception of Trump’s comments being offensive, and said that he believed fundamentally, Trump was speaking from a place of love for his country, and that they shared a mutual passion for their respective countries.

Donald Trump gave a gracious speech, thanking the President for the invitation and the opportunity to begin a dialogue — an actually pretty productive dialogue for a 30 minute meeting.

Trump strongly laid out his goals for the future relationship of the two countries — border security, trade imbalance, NAFTA, illegal immigration — and the Mexican President agreed.

When Trump was asked from a reporter if they discussed who would be paying for the wall, he stated that they did not discuss that aspect in this meeting.

In typical liberal fashion, I watched as a Fox pundit stated that Trump completely capitulated on his promise by not talking about who would be paying. Asinine, as would be expected. It was a first meeting for beep’s sake.

The pundit went on to idiotically state that Trump was again being traitorous by considering changes to NAFTA rather than ripping up of the agreement as he had said he would.

I’m sorry, but the stupidity, yes STUPIDITY, is enough already. The bias is such that some reporters have their head so far up a certain candidate’s posterior, they cannot acknowledge that this Mexican trip was a huge boon for Trump — and for the U.S.!

If you can get the changes you want for the betterment of the country without having to rip up the old agreement, WHO CARES??? GOOD. It makes it that much easier and quicker to make any changes that could be hugely beneficial for American workers.

Wow…I just have to shake my head. And if that becomes the official liberal critique, then they will have lost the last 6% of public trust and credibility they have left.

I saw one comment on the Youtube Livestream that struck me watching the speeches. I didn’t catch the user’s name but he said, “Trump looked more presidential today than Obama ever has.”

I don’t know if I would go that far just yet, but he certainly looked the more presidential of the two candidates in the race, and Hillary should be kicking herself for not accepting (she hasn’t even responded yet) the invitation herself.