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Everyone is quick to label their Stud “Producer.”

Most start throwing this term around after a couple litters, even while productions are still young and the Stud is unproven. A Stud that is an actual Producer can out produce themselves on a consistent basis. They are the few with the ability to stamp their look with every litter.

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“A dog can be a truly great show dog and a poor sire. A dog can hate the show ring and never win a point and be an outstanding sire. It is just as simple as that.”

The biggest mistake breeders, novice or veteran, can make is to confuse their show dogs with their breeding dogs. They can be the same. We hope they will be the same. Often they are not.

There are those who say show wins are the indicator of a dog’s value to the breed. In other words, if many judges agree a particular dog is the current ideal in its breed, the dog should be bred to. I agree — but only to a degree.

You can get every judge in the country to agree that the dog of the hour is the dog of the hour, but that same dog can be a complete disappointment in the breeding department.

If a dog’s quality is not realized in the whelping box, all we have is a box full of ribbons and nothing more.

This is not to say a winning dog cannot also be an outstanding producer. Records prove otherwise. But I cannot stress strongly enough that it is the producing ability that must be looked to and not the show record!

Even the outstanding sire can be misused. Most breeds have had those truly wonderful show dogs who develop records that become the envy of one and all. Unfortunately, they become the envy of too many who feel if a dog is good enough to win every award in sight, it must be good enough to breed every female in sight.

In a way, the popular stud dog that produces well only with certain female lines can be very destructive to a breed. A few excellent youngsters emerge from the right combination and the parade begins. Every female that can see lightning and hear thunder is bred to the dog, but the percentage of quality produced is minuscule. The breed takes a big step backward.

Truly great sires are really few and far between. There’s an old saying I heard somewhere along the way that goes something like, “You can breed that one to a fence post and you’ll still get good pups.”

They are the rare ones, the ones that any breed is lucky to have, but it is highly doubtful that any breed will have such a dog any more than once in any breeder’s lifetime.

— Rick Beauchamp

Richard G. (Rick) Beauchamp has been successfully involved in practically every facet of purebred dogs: breeding, exhibiting, publishing, writing. He is the author of numerous breed and all breed books including the best-selling Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type and Breeding Dogs for Dummies. He has judged all breeds throughout the world and was one of the United Kennel Club’s first all breed judges.

This article originally appeared in the BLOODLINES Dog Event News.

A True “Producer”

Different bloodlines, different females from different classes.. it doesn’t matter. Venom has done this not on 1 or 2 litters, but on over 250 produced offspring. Multiple ABKC Pocket Champions. Over 50 pointed toward Champion titles. Over 45 Clones.

Some of the best up and coming Studs.. future household names. Next level females changing the game as breeding stock for top kennels in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, the UK and others.

Super short, compact, boned up bulls with extreme features. Every color tri. Show off dogs that stand out from the crowd and are excelling in the show ring.

The scary part is that most Venom’s offspring are under the age of 9 months.

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