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Top Pocket Bully Studs | Louis V Line’s Venom & Omega


Top Pocket Bully Stud | Louis V Line’s Venom

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At Venomline we remember what it was like when we first started. Paying for a well known Stud was a huge risk. We didn’t have a few grand to pay for a Stud and just “hope” that it worked out. But we still tried, and our female didn’t take..

This set our program and vision back over a year. We paid a Stud Fee and didn’t have any puppies and we told we “we shit out of luck.” So we do things differently. If your female does not get pregnant we don’t just keep your money.

What If My Female Doesn’t Take?

We will re-ship during your females next heat or you can use the Stud Credit towards a pup for sale or future breeding. If you choose to try again during next heat, you will not pay another Stud fee like many breeders would have you do. You just pay Fed Ex shipping and we will send again. We want you to succeed!

Will I Have Trouble Selling Pups I Don’t Plan on Keeping?

On top of covering unsuccessful attempts, we actually go one step further. Since we know it can be difficult to sell a litter and get the prices you’re expecting.. and because we only breed to accepted females- we will post your breeding on our social media outlets to help with sales.

We’re proud to Advertise our Studs going to a quality bitch. This will help you with sales, getting top dollar for your pups while growing your kennel’s following. Just one of the many ways we go the extra mile for our customers.

Do I get a receipt for my Purchase?

Yes. You will receive a receipt for your records along with the Stud Contract stating everything we agree to carry out. This is for your protection as well as ours.

After I pay the Stud Credit What’s Next?

Contact us at the first signs of heat (1st sight of blood or swelling) We guide our Customers through the entire process.

Using an outside Stud is necessary to bring in new blood and to improve your stock, but it shouldn’t be stressful. We will go over when you should start progesterone testing at your vet. Based on progesterone results, your vet will recommend the optimal breeding date.

We can also assist you with that as well based on her numbers.


What If My Bitch Goes Into Heat & I Can’t Get Ahold of Venomline?

There’s nothing worse than investing several thousand to further your kennel’s vision, then having a female go into heat and then not being able to get in touch with the Stud Owner.

You won’t have to worry about not being able to get ahold of us, when you reserve one of our Studs we are basically on call for you. We take your investment seriously, will respond same-day, and also help with the timing of the breeding so the process is stress free.

Our Stud will be collected the day before your female is ready to be bred and shipped overnight to your vet for an AI (Artificial Insemination) The shipment will arrive by 11:30am the following day and you will receive a Tracking #.

Do You Ship Frozen or Fresh Chilled?

We have frozen semen stored and ready for International Shipping anywhere in the World.

For our domestic Customers (Within the U.S.) we recommend fresh chilled unless you are storing it for later use. We add 5–7 day extender fresh chilled to prolong the life of semen during transport.

For our International Customers we recommend surgical AI when using frozen, but we walk all of our customers through the timing and the type of procedure that the vet will perform to give you the highest % chance of a successful litter. We take the stress out of the process.

What Types of Artificial Insemination are there? What Do You Recommend?

There are 3 Common Methods used in Artificial Insemination:

AI, Surgical Insemination and TCI (Transcervical insemination)

All 3 methods work, but when shipping a in a Stud, we recommend Surgical Insemination or TCI. Both have a higher % of success with shipped semen.

Ask your vet about the methods that they recommend and are experienced with. We have had success with regular AI as well, but if your vet has options, it’s helpful to ask.

The Follow Up: Confirmation/Unsuccessful Breeding/ Only 1–2 Pups

Let us know when your female is confirmed and will be having her pups, we’d love to show them off! We will post the litter on our Facebook page and social media outlets. This will help with sales, and getting premium prices for your pups while also building your kennel’s following.

Female Didn’t Take

If for some reason your female didn’t take.. let’s have a conversation and decide what to do next. We will discuss whether you would like to try again during next heat or apply the Stud credit towards an available puppy or upcoming litter.

How Many Pups Are Considered A Litter?

3 or more pups is considered a litter. If the female only had 2 pups, you keep the Stud Credit to use again. This is another way we prove to our Customers that we take their investment seriously and want them to succeed.

With us, we take your investment seriously and want you to get the most out of your money.

Photos & Video

So many of the “Top Studs” make their living behind one glamor shot, and even more often photos of the so called best Studs are photoshopped. This unfortunately is even more prevalent in the exotic community.

There are still great studs to choose from in both the American Bully & Exotic bully community, but ask for video instead of relying solely on a photo that is often photoshopped. The ideal scenario is going to see the Stud in person, but often times that isn’t possible. In that case, you’ll want to ask for video (longer than a 10 second clip) and photos. Preferably photos that are unedited, or even better, taken at a Show.

Breeders who have Top Studs and that aren’t hiding anything or using photoshopped pics to sell Stud Credits are proud to show them off, not afraid to bring them out in Public.


Every Top Stud should have productions for you to View so you know that a Stud is proven, and worth Stud fee.


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