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  • The Merle Coat Pattern: Acceptable in the American Bully Breed?
    • The Gold Rush: Breeders Rush in to Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Dog Breed
    • Introducing the Official 2019–2020 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot Lineup
    • Becoming A Successful Breeder: Intro to Different Types & Classes
    • Purchasing Foundation Stock & Advanced Breeding Techniques- Brackett’s Method Simplified
    • Stranger Than Science Fiction: Gene Editing, Bodybuilder Beagles, Glow in the Dark Mastiffs, Return of the Wooly Mammoth, a Potential Cancer Cure & Genetically Modified Dogs & Humans.
    • Heating Up: Hernandez Built Bullyz & Brute Force Bullies Blaze into 2020 with Top Breedings



An American Bully that needs no introduction: One of the top proven producers on the planet, 2018 American Bully Embassy’s Stud of the Year, Grand Champion Kaos. Kaos is owned by Mike Sierra of Straight Heat Kennels. Born and raised in California, Kaos now lives with Mike in Lubbock, Texas.

Kaos has solidified his position as one of the Top Stud dogs in the world, with a growing list of Champion offspring. As of this writing, Kaos has produced 10 Champion and 2 Grand Champion offspring. This is a bully that is the complete package, a perfect combination of extreme traits and the “wow factor” desired, yet still proven and accomplished in the Show Ring.

Kaos earned his Grand Champion Title at the tender age of just 14 months and he didn’t slow down there, owner Mike Sierra is one of the hardest working guys in the business. Mike is known for traveling long hours with his best bud and has brought him to shows for the public to see him in person all throughout the US and overseas as well. The Grand Champion has also traveled with Mike to Amsterdam, France and most notably, Holland- where Kaos won Best Grand Champion over some stiff competition, one of them being Grand Champion Mr. Bean.

2020 will be GrCh Kaos’ last year hitting the Show Ring and doing the meet and greets he and his owner have become known for, due to some exciting news for Mike. The proud owner has accepted an offer to become a WBR judge, with their next stop in Spain on February 8th. It is both an honor and priveledge to have a certified Legend like Grand Champion Kaos as one of our Mascots for the upcoming year.

For information on GrCh Kaos’ upcoming litters, or for Stud Service, Mike can be reached directly by phone at 661–369–5687, on Facebook: Mike Sierra or by email:


Introducing the second youngest Mascot on our Roster: Venomline’s Rampage, son of former Mascot Louis V Line’s Venom. When he was just 10 months old, home video of Rampage standing in the kitchen went viral and he was immediately thrust into the spotlight, instantly becoming one of the most watched (and discussed) young up and coming Studs. By the time he was 12 months old, the 2X Venom Clone had already amassed a following of loyal fans across the globe. This is one of those special bulls that only come along every few generations.

Rampage “George” is a 2X Venom son (Venom X Moana)that redefines the term “Extreme Build Pocket Bully.” He stands at just under 14.5” tall, and at 16 months old he’s already tipping the scales at 84lbs and is rocking a better than 24” headpiece. The Champagne Gorilla is a product of the first ever 2X Venom breeding, and has to be seen to believe. When people lay eyes on him in person or see video of him for the very first time, the reaction is usually the same. “Rampage leaves people scratching their heads in disbelief.”

Venomline’s Rampage is a standout from an entire litter of Superstars. He’s littermates with Champion Venomline’s Lil Ting, Venomline’s Savage, Keke of MBK Bullys and Vanna White of Golden Circle Bullies. The entire litter, down to fifth pick female have had people scratching their heads in disbelief that Louis V Line’s Venom was able to do that all in one breeding. The scary part about Rampage is that he’s technically still a puppy. With the way this boy is progressing, you could very well could be looking at the next Top Stud.

To keep up with the rising Star be sure to give Venomline a “like” on their Facebook page (Texas Size Bullies) or by following the kennel on Instagram @Venomline

To keep up with Rampage’s Upcoming litters, Pups For Sale or to book him for Stud Service: Visit:


Introducing King Khafre of Platinum Bullies Coming all the way from Australia! Khafre is the first Mascot of ours from down under and he is one of the most complete extreme build American Bullies not just in Australia, but worldwide. Introducing King Khafre out of Platinum Bullies Australia. Khafre is owned by Steve Jurak, an Australian breeder who spared no expense in importing some of the best bloodlines from around the world. Steve is setting the bar extremely high for not only Australian breeders, but breeders across the globe.

King Khafre is a Grand Champion Casablanca son with a jaw-dropping build, unbelievable muscle and correct structure. Another thing about King Khafre that we love is his amazing headpiece, complete with light eyes and beautiful expression. Despite his tough looks, Khafre is a sweetheart and loves nothing more than cuddling up with his family at Platinum Bullies located in New South Wales, Australia.

Platinum Bullies has been producing some incredible bulls over the past two years, and if you don’t follow them already, now would be a good time to start. With litters off of Studs like Grand Champion Chumper, Louis V Line’s Venom, Nationals winners Grand Champion Axel & Thee Buss to Euro Nationals winner Caldey’s Redbull… Platinum Bullies Australia has had some incredible litters, with more planned breedings in the pipeline that you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

Keep up with the latest from King Khafre and Platinum Bullies by Following them on their Facebook page: Platinum Bullies, adding them on Instagram @Platinumbulliesaus.

For info on Stud Service, upcoming litters and more check out


The Youngest bull on our roster, Big Apache, may still be maturing, but he can already hang with the big boys at just 10 months old. Produced in the Big Red X Panda breeding by Dawghouse Bullies.

Apache is a standout from an entire litter of stars. Most recently, his littermate brother Diesel made news by becoming one of the three youngest ABKC Champions in breed history. Look for Apache to make his Champion run and possibly more in 2020.

This is one of the most impressive overall dogs we’ve ever seen at such a young age. Apache has it all, an impressive head with great shape and deep stop, an incredible muscular build, complete with a beautiful blue tri color coat with bright tan tri markings that really stand out. Apache still has a lot of filling out still to do, which is both amazing and terrifying for competing Studs his age. We’re calling it now… this is one of the next Top Studs.

Remember the name “Dawghouse’s Big Apache.” Apache is owned by Jacqueline and Brian Amendola out of Boca Raton, Florida. If you don’t already follow Dawghouse Bullies or have been living under a rock for the past couple years and haven’t seen the caliber of dogs coming out of their camp, we’d recommend starting now.

Give Dawghouse Bullies Facebook page a “like” or add them on Instagram @DawghouseBullies

For Stud Service, information on Upcoming Litters and Puppies for Sale- Be sure to visit their Website:

LOUIS V LINE’S OMEGA “The Little Polar Bear”

One of Louis V’s best sons: Louis V Line’s Omega returns for another year! Originally part of our 2017 Mascot lineup, Omega has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past year as his productions have brought him back into the spotlight as one of the top producing studs in the country. From his all white coat to his muscular build, big blocky head and impressive structure, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing dogs we’ve ever seen. A Pocket Bully that’s all substance, Omega has all of the big dog features, but on a 14.5″ frame without being overdone. This is a functional dog that moves very well for his size. In fact, Omega runs, jumps and swims better than most dogs carrying half of his mass.

Omega has proven himself time and time again as a phenomenal producer and is probably one of the most underrated Stud dogs in the country. “The little Polar Bear” is responsible for Siring multiple ABKC Champion offspring. “When the public starts to witness what he is capable of producing with the caliber of females that are currently lined up for him (Venomline and Venomline South females) Omega will be one of the most in demand studs in the country, just like his brother Venom”.

Omega is owned by Venomline’s North Carolina branch- Venomline’s South’s Alisa Smith. Just last year Venomline made headlines by adding Omega to a star studded lineup of top Studs. Be sure to give them a follow by “liking” their pages on Facebook: Texas Size Bullies (Venomline) and Venomline South, or by keeping up with them on Instagram @Venomline and @VenomlineSouth. For info on Stud Service and upcoming litters, visit or


For our next Mascot introduction, we have another Grand Champion Casablanca son- Muscletone’s Butch Cassidy. Butch is an inbred 2X Casablanca son (Casablanca bred back to his daughter Big Momma)

Butch Cassidy is one of the only 2X GrCh Casablanca sons residing in the United States, and was the only male from his litter. This GrCh Casablanca clone is a spitting image of his pops, an extreme American Bully that is very well put together. At just under 2 years of age and with only two ABKC shows under his belt, Butch Cassidy is already getting close to earning his Champion Title in the Standard class.

For those who love a lot of bully, Butch Cassidy is a sight to behold. He weighs in at a whopping 108lbs and is rocking a true + 26” head. We can confirm these stats, we weighed him and measured his head using Myo-Tape to be sure. We were in disbelief upon hearing ridiculous numbers like those, but they’re accurate.

This is a bull that not only stops traffic, but makes purse dog owners everywhere swoop up their tiny pooches and head in the opposite direction… and fast! Despite his massive size and exagerrated feautures, not to mention easily being confused with a small gorilla, Butch Cassidy is a gentle beast with a sweet nature and an awesome personality. Muscletone’s Butch Cassidy is proudly owned by Joe Schlereth out of New York.

Joe can be reached at 845–649–5536 or on Facebook under “Jdiesel Butch”


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