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Let’s start this out by stating that as a magazine- BULLY KING supports all of the bully breeds along with their various categories, classes and types. There’s already more than enough drama in the bully community already without adding to to it by disrespecting someone for their personal preference/style of dog they like.

That being said, we’re fully aware of the divide between those who support the American Bully and those who favor an Exotic Bully. There continues to be controversy between the two groups, with it going as far as the release of “Fuck exotics” t shirts, we’ve seen the disagreements between the two communities escalate into physical violence, fights at shows and even personal attacks online.

From the originators of this movement to the many who followed- there are now hundreds of thousands of people who love the Exotic Bully. There are equally as many who despise this new breed, claiming it isn’t an actual breed and that it’s an unhealthy representation of what the American Bully was intended to be. There are equally as many people who don’t have no clue what an Exotic Bully is, or the difference between this style of dog and the American Bully.

BULLY KING wants to shed some light on this Exotic Bully Movement as well as the “Clean Exotic”- A subgroup of the Exotic Bully Movement who’s supporters are now calling for a more complete “Exotic style” Bully. The phrase “Clean Exotic” has recently gained a ton of momentum, heating up on Facebook and catching on fire online.. In fact, in the past two months “Clean Exotic” has been the most searched on term in Google search relating to bully breed dogs.

So What is an Exotic Bully?

Mr. Miagi

The Exotic Bully is a newer designer dog breed that began to distance itself from the American Bully as early as 2008. It has established itself as separate from it’s cousin the American Bully and is still a controversial topic with much needed breed standards.

One of the few descriptions or characteristics of the Exotic Bully that everyone involved with the breed seemed to agree upon was “exaggerated style of features on a smaller, more compact dog,” described as carrying more “bulldog features.”

The Exotic Bully: Registry Descriptions & Standards

Dogs with ”Bulldog” characteristics more extreme than the “Original American Bullies.”

The International Bully Coalition (IBC)

Founded by Jorge Soto, owner of what most consider to be the originator of the Exotic Bully- The Bullycampline’s Mr. Miagi, currently runs the first and one of the largest Exotic Bully Registries known as the IBC or International Bully Coalition. The IBC was also one of, if not the first registry to create a Breed Standard for Exotics.

The Registry takes a politically correct stance in their description of how the Exotic Bully came about. Their description is below:

Major changes in the phenotype of the breed have been due to consistent infusion of different bulldog breeds. Although we do not know specific dogs, bloodlines or origin of the dogs. When they were introduced the vast majority of these animals were not recorded in Genealogical Records.

The infusions were constant enough that these dogs got very far away from the original proposed standard by the American Bully. An inevitable conflict within that breed fell on the Clubs, Owners and Breeders similar to the disdain American Pit Bull Terrier fanciers had toward the American Bully during the establishment of the American Bully breed.

The feud is still going on, with APBT owners claiming that the American Bully ruined the American Pit Bull Terrier by breeding out gameness. Proponents of the American Bully argue that there is no need for those traits and that the breed makes excellent companions.

The foundation of most “exotics” today can be attributed to the American Bully, French Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog, Shorty Bull and English Bulldog (although various other types of bulldog and related breeds are believed to have been included as well.)

IBR Exotic Classes

American Bully Exotic

The American Bully Exotic is an extension of the American Bully Standard. It is an established breed known for it’s eye-catching features. The American Bully Exotic brings a definite wow-factor with it’s ability to provide an exaggerated blocky head, great amounts of girth and muscle tone, all on a compact body.

What we find a little suspect is that there are so few faults in the breed standard, mainly easty westy feet and short or kinked tails.

The Micro Exotic Bully

Shares the same characteristics but is significantly smaller than the American Bully Exotic but still maintains good girth, muscle tone and exaggerated features. The Micro Exotic is determined by it’s fully developed height in it’s adulthood. General size is 13 inches and under from ground to withers.

The American Bully Registry (ABR)

Another one of the larger Registries catering to Exotic Bullies is the ABR or The American Bully Registry. The ABR has issued a Standard for the Exotic Bully as well, which you can see below:

The Exotic Bully is an extension of the American Bully but its looks and characteristics are more exaggerated and pronounced than its American Bully counterpart. Being that the class is in its infancy, current standards will be amended and adjusted in a manner that best suites the betterment of the breed and breeder.

General impression of the Exotic Bully leaves little to no room for mistaking it for any of the other Bully breeds due to its over exaggerated characteristics and extreme features. Though Bulldog looks are very influential in the breed, mixing is not condoned nor accepted by the ABR.


Over the last few years the Exotic Bully is beginning to get a “desired” look that is becoming more consistent and this breed standard will serve as a standard for which they will be graded by with the goal of bringing more even consistency to the breed.

The Exotic Bully should give the impression of great strength for its size, compact to medium/large size dog with a muscular body and blocky head. The Exotic Bully should have the appearance of heavy bone structure with a bully build, the breed is a “head and front breed” chest should be wide to match blocky head type.

The Exotic Bully should easily be distinguishable from an American Bully.

Although The Various Exotic Registries’ Initial Standards Differ, They Do Agree on the Following:


  • Kinks, knots, and short tails, long tails
  • Extremely overshot or undershot bites
  • Easty Westy Feet

Hopefully we can start to see Exotic breeders attempting to correct these faults, but as long as the Registries setting the Standards for the Exotic Bully- excuse, or even applaud dogs with these faults it’s going to be an uphill battle.

What Is A “Clean Exotic?

The newest phrase in the bully community and the most talked about subject aside from the recent show in Atlanta has been the phrase “clean exotic.” So much so, that groups across Facebook have popped up left and right in an attempt to be the first to cater to this new crowd. With so many new groups popping up, it can be hard to find a home.

We recommend Clean Exotic Bully Official & American Bully & Clean Exotic Exclusive Pups/Studs 5K and Up. Even if that’s out of your budget, it’s a good place to see examples of a Clean Exotic without a lot of the mess you’ll find in some of the other groups.

Finding the definition of a “Clean Exotic” can be a daunting and exhaustive process and you’ll probably get a different answer from each person you ask. So we decided to interview several of the Top Breeders and key members of this new movement along with the first to coin this new term to get some clarity on what a Clean Exotic bully is… We took all of the descriptions from interviews with several top breeders to find out what exactlty makes up a “Clean” Exotic to better define this new direction for the Exotic Bully.

In a nutshell, the Clean Exotic Movement is calling for an Exotic Bully without the mess. A Clean Exotic still carries the Exotic look; a short and compact frame (preferably under 13″ tall), short muzzle, exaggerated features and all of the traits that those who prefer an Exotic Bully were initially drawn to the breed for. It’s is basically what all of the Exotic Registries call for in their Standards- but no one seems to produce.


The Exotic Community has spoken: Louis V Line’s Venom & Skittles (although fitting the requirements of “Clean Exotic” are not the best examples of Exotic Bullies. At micro height, both are extremely compact and fall within the mock “Clean Exotic” Standards, but do not come from “Exotic” lines. Nor are they heavy bulldog. To alleviate confusion will be removed from the banner and updated with dogs that better fit “Clean Exotic”

This isn’t a “Cleaner” version meaning less bone, head and extreme features.

From what we were able to gather, it is cleaner version as in: shorter, more compact, proportional dogs without the joint issues, high rears, limousine/roach backs, feet pointing to the equator and all of the other issues so prevalent in the Exotic community.

Desired Traits

  • Height: 13” or Under
  • Muzzle: 2” or Less
  • Small & Compact
  • Height & length Virtually the Same
  • Everything Proportional
  • Underbite or clean Bite Acceptable
  • Minimal/No elbow sticking out past shoulder width
  • Tight feet and pasterns
  • Top skull width same as head width
  • Pronounced cheeks

In no specific Order here are some fine examples of a “Clean Exotic”

In summary, from what we gathered a Clean Exotic keeps all of the exaggerated features of what makes an Exotic Bully “exotic” while cleaning up a lot of the shit. And let’s face it, there’s a lot of shit that needs to be cleaned up in the Exotic community (as a whole). Ask any of the good breeders who are putting in the time and dedication to produce dogs with less flaws and health defects, they’ll tell you the same thing.

While the same bad breeders continue to abuse photoshop and trick unsuspecting customers into buying defective dogs, traits like elbow joints sticking out (which is probably the dumbest shit we’ve think we have ever heard viewed as desirable in a breed) is no longer awarded.

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