BULLY KING Magazine Mascots Louis V Line’s Venom & Omega Meet for the 1st time, and are officially best buds!

Louis V Sons VENOM & OMEGA

Alisa Smith, Pocket Bully breeder and head of Venomline South- The first official branch of Venomline, made the trip from North Carolina down to South Florida to Venomline’s home base. “It was an enjoyable trip” says Smith as she met with the owner of Venomline- Matt Siebenthal.

Venomline South made news a few months back with the purchase of our 2017 Mascot Omega, who heads the Stud Lineup at Venomline’s 2nd location. Over the weekend, Alisa arrived with Omega and Matt brought along our 2018 Mascot Louis V Line’s Venom. Omega and Venom are half brothers (both Louis V sons) and this was the first time the two Top Producing Studs met.

They hit it off right off the bat, and immediately became best buds. The head of Venomline, Matt also brought along 15 month old shemale Ms. Swizz (the tri pictured above) along with Venom daughter Khaleesi, who doesn’t look half bad considering she just had a litter 8 weeks ago. Omega is an absolute stunner in person, and getting the two Top Studs together in photos “was an awesome experience” said the Venomline owner.

The dogs had a blast, and we were able to get some great shots of them having fun at a local park. After introducing Omega to Venom and letting the dogs burn off some energy and have some fun, Alisa headed back to Venomline’s home base where she would pick up her newest addition- a 2X Venom female from the Venom X Khaleesi litter.

Louis V Line’s Venom “Chunk” got a chance to play with daughter Dolce and Sahara from the Venom X Harley breeding. The pups did a thorough check of his gums for treats, and Chunk loved every minute of it. He always enjoys playing with puppies of his and let’s them get away with just about anything.. especially the girls.

After visiting with Venomline owners Matt and Deanne and enjoying some Mexican food, Alisa got the chance to hangout with Matt and his wife before calling it a night. Early the next morning it was off to the Animal Hospital of Fort Lauderdale, where Matt’s veterinarians checked out Omega and ran some health tests to make sure he was in great shape. Venom & Omega were collected and stored for future breedings.

After the vet and another photoshoot, it was time for Alisa to head back on the road toward North Carolina, the headquarters of Venomline’s 2nd location, Venomline South. Below are photos of the fun filled day, and some of the Venomline bulls having a great time.

Venom daughter Khaleesi just 8 weeks after her litter
Venomline South’s Alisa Smith
Ms. Super SWIZZ
Louis V Line’s Venom of Venomline
Louis V Son OMEGA of Venomline South


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