Louis V Line’s Venom | Top Producing American Bully Stud

First they said he couldn’t produce show dogs..

Then his 1st born daughter became an ABKC Champion, on her way to GrCh. Venom has over 20 offspring pointed towards their Champion titles.

He’s on his way to having 20+ Champion offspring by the end of the year.

Then they said he couldn’t reproduce himself..

Then he dropped clones. Over 30 of them. Males & Females.

What’s truly remarkable is that these are all different Venom offspring from different litters and different Dams. He’s been THAT CONSISTENT.

Ghost & Rampage (2X Venom)
Mini Chunk, Keke & Rampage
Mr. 24K, Keke, Rampage
Moana , 9 Milli & Chunkette
Venom daughters in Australia
Mack (Venom X Khaleesi) Male Pup (Venom X Lucy Liu)

Next they said he wasn’t Louis V’s shortest & most compact son, that there’s no way he’s 12.5” tall

So we had him measured by wicket in front of a crowd on video by a Judge at 12.4” and another Judge from a separate registry measured him at 12.8.”

Venomline has stated that having the shortest dog isn’t any type of accomplishment, but it does show how short Venom really is.

Then they said “Yea he’s nice.. but we want color.”

Then he produced cloned himself in every color tri variation. Venom has produced Blue, Lilac, Chocolate & Black tris.

They asked for Chocolate & Champagne

They screamed photoshop..

So Venomline/Texas Size Bullies dropped video, and he became the most viewed American Bully of 2017

They said “we want pocket bulls with 24–25” Heads”

Then he Produced pocket monster with a 25 & 26" Heads

Next they said “He can’t hang with the exotics”

So we went to exotic shows and he stacked next to anyone that didn’t run for the exit. Venom is producing as bully or bullier dogs than the top exotics, with a shorter back, more bone & head on a shorter bull without the mess. (Underbites, splayed feet, high rear & sway backs)

Unlike many of the “top exotics” he doesn’t need to be wheeled out in a wheel barrow. He’s a functional bully that can run and move despite his bullier build.

What will they try and say next?

He never was a show dog.. But he’s hands down one of the best producing dogs on the planet.


  • 2018 BULLY KING Magazine Mascot
  • 2018 World Canine Association Mascot
  • 2018 UBN Registry Mascot
  • 2018 Stud of The Year
  • 2017 Stud of the Year Runner Up- American Bully Embassy Magazine

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Updated February 2019: Venomline Now Home to Bully King Magazine Mascots Venom & Omega

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