Amid a global market selloff, Bulwark continues to pave the way for the next generation of block-chain analytics.

Bulwark Crypto
Mar 10 · 2 min read

Carver Framework

This week we’re scaling Bulwark’s Carver Framework! We have almost completed our Docker migration so that you will soon be able to deploy the entire Carver Framework with just a single line:

This removes all complexities of installation and improves scaling capabilities of the framework. We’re also switching from Socket.IO to nchan for event sourcing. This will greatly increase the concurrent connection possibilities

Because Carver Framework is built with event sourcing, nchan is the perfect companion. We’re excited to get the docker support in so early and it really brings the whole framework together.

Follow along:

Upcoming Block Reward Reduction

The next block reward reduction is only 15 days away.

You can keep track of block reward reductions on our explorer:


Bulwark is now also listed on flits masternode app. You can host your Bulwark masternode for just $1.99/month. Currently you can get free BWK hosting for 1 week. Be sure to check it out:

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Read about our partnership with Midas.Exchange in our next installment.

Bulwark Team.

Bulwark Cryptocurrency

Bulwark is a privacy based cryptocurrency project with a…

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