Bulwark (BWK) Cryptocurrency Updates— Week of Feb 03, 2020 — Carver Framework, Trading Volume, & More.

Bulwark Crypto
Feb 3 · 2 min read

February is off to a great start! Let’s jump right into it: Carver Framework.

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Bulwark Blockchain Carver Widget

The first “interactive” widget is now functional! This complex widget allows us to take a real-time data stream (such as block-chain blocks) and apply the industry standard paginated table view.

This widget is essential for many data streams and we’ll be expanding upon this widget in the coming days to add “widget spawning”. This will allow one widget to spawn other widgets to allow you to click on the row and see transaction details.

This “basic block explorer” showcases many features of our framework. We’re very excited to see how the next week pans out as we’re focusing on new widgets, UX updates and of course getting ready for public release (coming this February!).

The February first public release will showcase our real-time data streaming to solidify our block-chain analytics lead in the industry. We can’t wait to project real-time block-chain & social data with our distributed reducer algorithm and show how scalable our platform is for your data analysis needs.

You can build the current version of Carver Framework and check out real-time data streaming as well as check out our Github updates:


On another note, we’re happy to see a steady rise in Bulwark’s daily trading volume — which can be largely attributed to our continued innovation and progress. Bulwark is up 48.6% over the past 30 days.

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Bulwark $BWK Dollar Chart — CoinGecko
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Bulwark [BWK] 7-day trading price and volume — CoinGecko

Finally, here’s a sneak peek of Bulwark’s upcoming integration with Bastion:

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Bulwark + Bastion Exchange/Shop

You can buy and sell Bulwark ($BWK) on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:


Until next week!

The Bulwark Team

Bulwark Cryptocurrency

Bulwark is a privacy based cryptocurrency project with a…

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