Bulwark Kicks Marketing Into High Gear

Sep 17, 2018 · 3 min read
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Hello there Bulwark Gang! We’ve been working behind the scenes on significant developments and it’s time to share the news with everyone. While our inner circle knows that are launching soon, there is more we can do to leverage these and other development to gain wider visibility for the Bulwark brand. With a solid technical foundation, we know that Bulwark is ready to kick its marketing into high gear.

How do we know that the time is right?


was launched in December 2017 by a team of crypto enthusiasts who wanted to create something unique. As early community members know, Bulwark entered the market (and had a supersonic price increase) in the middle of the most colossal bull run crypto has seen so far. The issue of marketing initially arose during this exuberant time. Our team members are skilled in their areas of expertise, but we didn’t have a formal marketing team at the time. During the bull run, it became nearly impossible to know if Bulwark’s marketing was effective, so we just kept doing what we thought was working until it wasn’t working anymore. We were ready to admit we needed marketing help.


In July 2018, we added six to the Bulwark Gang in order to build relationships with the crypto community and gain marketing insight for our niche audience. Each advisor brings a unique set of skills, and have been both counseling and encouraging us, while joining Bulwark on the path we envisioned together. We appreciate these advisors and will continue working with them to maintain a fresh understanding of the needs and behaviors of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Based on conversations with these advisors, and in conjunction with coming development milestones, the Bulwark team knew that we were set for marketing success.


Bulwark is heading toward its one year anniversary in December, and we want to go into our sophomore year with a well-rounded strategy. With Bulwark’s developments on schedule and laid out on the roadmap, we decided to integrate one of our advisors into the team on a more in-depth basis. As Bulwark’s Marketing Disruptor, will provide marketing support on a variety of levels, with a focus on tactics tailored to the cryptocurrency space. Kristen will work closely with the Bulwark team to bridge the gap between the value that Bulwark offers and the visibility Bulwark has in the marketplace. Kristen’s marketing experience is rooted in market research and usability testing, so she approaches projects and results with a scientific mind. However, also has experience in executing digital marketing tasks in disciplines such as email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. This combination of skills means that Kristen can provide strategic input as well as hands-on-keyboard project execution to pump Bulwark marketing into high gear!

Bulwark Cryptocurrency

Bulwark is a privacy based cryptocurrency project with a…

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