Giving Signals, Blockfolio Style

Hello again Bulwark Gang! We have an exciting announcement that will make following along with Bulwark’s developments even easier! Using the Blockfolio signal feature, you can have all the latest important announcements beamed directly to your mobile device.

Why is Signal so great for me?

Signal is a one-stop location to get all the important information you’ll need to stay on top of your Bulwark game. Whether there’s a new mandatory update on the horizon, or a sweet blog post on our medium page, you can trust that it’ll be information in your hands via the Blockfolio app!

In addition to the above, we’ll have access to far-reaching promotion via Blockfolio’s social media channels, while helping to shape the platform in to something not just great for Bulwark, but great for crypto as a whole.

How do I get access to Signals?

Accessing Signals is simple and easy, just by adding Bulwark to your watchlist or portfolio, you will be automatically subscribed to news and updates from the Bulwark team via Blockfolio Signals. You can access your Signals page from the button shown below:

If you are looking to customize which notifications you receive and how you receive them, you can also look in your settings and find “Signal Push Notifications” to change how other teams and ourselves keep in touch with you.


In summary, we are very excited to be working so closely with the Blockfolio team on crafting this excellent tool to keep our community informed about our development progression, and any news about Bulwark.

Signals offers a great opportunity for Bulwark to reach a wider audience via the platform Blockfolio provides in-app and on social media, while being a brilliant utility for the Bulwark community to take advantage of.

We look forward to seeing how quickly you all adopt the app, and we’ll see you in our next post!