Appyx 2022 wrap-up

Timotei Vlad Cipariu
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3 min readDec 20, 2022


Here’s a recap of what 2022 meant for Appyx, and what’s in store for 2023.

What is Appyx?

Appyx is model-driven navigation for Jetpack Compose: you can navigate directly from code with composable navigation, gaining control of the navigation state and behaviour, possibly even creating your own — meanwhile, you can use any beautiful animation you’d like for transitions!

2022 was the year of Appyx

It’s been a long road since we wrote the first line of code for the library, and we were thrilled when Appyx finally reached its first public alpha, then later its 1.0.0 stable release 🎉

We’ve started adopting it in production, and have plenty of ideas for its future. Without doubt, Appyx is here to stay.


We were really happy to share Appyx with the Android community at two major events this year: DroidCon New York and DroidCon London. Catch the recording of the DroidCon London presentation here:

Appyx in practice

We’ve published some articles about the use of Appyx, with more to come in 2023.

We created this sample app:

The “gifs” you see on the left side are not video recordings — they’re live instances of the demonstrated features in a minified window. Stay tuned to learn about the approach we used in Jetpack Compose to create this.

Meanwhile, you can check it out by building the :app module from the repo or install this .apk directly.

The future of Appyx

We’re so excited about the future of Appyx! Just some of the ideas that we plan to implement in 2023 are:

  • Gesture control and fling behaviour for any NavModels
  • Embedded transitions
  • Tooling for visual debugging

Learn more about Appyx

Some more helpful resources:

Have a question?

Check out our FAQ or come over to our discussions page on GitHub. We’re happy to chat!



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