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The immense benefits of not thinking in screens

DroidconUK 2019 Lightning Talk

Abstract of the talk:

Maintaining a large project and not going insane — in practice:

– Causes of everyday development pain, frustration and slowdown less frequently talked about

– Breaking down the complexity of screens instead of a classical layering approach

– Keeping code easy-to-understand, decoupled and maintainable even in highly complex projects

– A plug-and-play component architecture where individual pieces don’t require a deep understanding or careful wiring and can be reused in a few minutes

We now have over millions of users across a growing portfolio of apps, including Badoo and Bumble.

A year ago we set out on a journey to unify and scale up our approaches to reduce component reuse and maintenance times by an order of magnitude. We reached for maximal reusability and minimal coupling between individual components.

Many of the lessons we learned in the process have immense practical benefits for projects of all sizes.

We’re the tech team behind social networking apps Bumble and Badoo. Our products help millions of people build meaningful connections around the world.

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Zsolt Kocsi

Zsolt Kocsi

Android Engineer @ Bumble

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